How rude is it?

  1. When an aquaintance, not a good friend, compliments you on your handbag and then the next question is how much did you pay for it? Why would someone ask you that question?
  2. I think people ask those kinds of questions when they are just being nosy. They want to know how much you make and/or what you're willing to spend your money on. Sometimes I think some people might ask that to determine whether your bag is fake or not. If you paid $100 for a Gucci horsebit, it's more than likely a fake.
  3. I wouldn't take it personally but it is a little bit rude if you think about it. I usually just feed their curiosity and tell them anyway because I simply don't care.
    I think one of the reasons why people ask that question is because they want to give you a 'value'. They want to evaluate your financial status and/or how much you are willing to spend. They want to know if you are a stingy person or someone who likes to splurge. People are naturally judgmental and want to classify each other.
    Or, it could be out of sheer curiosity. Maybe they want to buy one too? Lol.
  4. I try to never talk about it. My friends who know about handbags know and the ones who don't would just change their opinion of think it is kind of nosey for people to ask that. I just say my husband gave it to me as a gift.
  5. :yes: Agreed. People always want to know how much you are willing to spend on a bag. If it's only a hundred dollars or so you could be considered a cheapo. But if it's a couple thousand dollars then you are considered a die-hard shopaholic. I always just tell them nicely that it's a gift & they usually go away.
  6. It has happened to me a lot, especially at work. I just tell the truth. What, if anything, they gleen from the information is not my concern. My money, my purse, take me or leave me.
  7. I think it's really rude and it makes me uncomfortable when people I don't know very well ask me that. Maybe it would be ok if they were asking because they were seriously interested in buying one, but otherwise it's just tacky.
  8. It's incredibly rude.
  9. I think it makes me feel uncomfortable, it actually happened to me today and it wasn't even a friend but the girl that does my nails on a regular basis. She did comment that she really loves my bag but was still trying to get the price out of me...I wouldn't tell her the exact price just a round about so she would stop asking.:shrugs:
  10. I had this happen twice this week. I just told them the price. The one about died when I said it was $650, but I got it for $250. She still thought that was a lot (I thought I got a great deal). The other person asked how much my Coach Carly was. I said $300 something. She then told me she broke the handle on her last "good" purse and couldn't decide if she should spend $20 on a really nice purse she found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. That made me feel pretty bad. I don't think anything about spending money on purses and she thought spending $20 was a lot.
  11. Bed, Bath & Beyond sells purses?
  12. That's what I thought!
  13. ITA. If they're a fellow purse enthusiast that genuinely wants to know the price because they're interested in buying something like it, I'd probably tell them a general price range.

    Generally though, I always just say it was a gift. I follow this up by telling them that it is authentic. It is a really rude question to ask though.
  14. It really depends on which friend asks me how much it cost. If it's someone closer to me, I don't mind because they are usually just being curious...when it's an "acquaintance", I tend to find it rude because they don't know me that well so they are more likely to judge. Make sense?
  15. I think it's rude to ask. I think a lot of unfortunate people just don't know how to behave - or maybe we are the unfortunate ones for having to deal with them! You could reply by saying "I don't remember - are you interested in buying one?" Any further information I'd provide would depend on their answer eg "I'd like to buy one for a gift for my mother" vs. "Just curious"