How rude can people be???

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  1. Not that long ago, I was waiting at the bus station w/ a friend... I had my Denim Speedy w/ me when two women walked along the bus station, suddenly one of them came towards us, pointing at and touching!!! my bag... I immediately took it away from her, giving her an angry look when she asked "Where is it from? Turkey or China?"
    I was totally speachless while my friend tried not to laugh... it was so weird, she went on like "I want to buy it too, is it real?" etc...
    I was like "What???" :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: I mean, there's no need to tell a person you don't know, whether your bag is real or not, is it?
    Isn't that horrible? First of all, I would never ever touch a stranger's bag. Second: I would never ask whether a bag is real or not, esp. not in this way (Turkey or China?)... :yucky: :cursing: :wtf:
    Did sth. like this happen to others? I just don't know how people can be so rude?!
  2. I've had a ton of people ask if my mono speedy was real. I just ignore them.
  3. OMG, this is just sooo ridiculous!!!

    Did you check, wasn't her face green?..... With envy at your bag ;)
  4. How rude. Since I live where no one really knows what LV is, I never had this happened to me. Please don't let it ruin your day.
  5. Some people just have no manners anymore.
  6. Sorry, but that was rude! Oh man, the nerve of some people!
  7. I would NEVER start touching someone's stuff and think it's ok.:Push: Very rude and ignorant. I don't mind the "is it real" comments I sometimes get, they don't bother me too much as most people are just interested. But strangers touching my stuff...:yucky:
  8. :wtf: Touching is NOT ON:cursing: .....sorry this happened. No one (stranger) ever asked me if it's real or not , usually they just give me compliments or stare....
  9. That is so rude!! I would be fuming if someone touched my bag, esp. if it is denim!
  10. Yeah, that's it^^ I often get looks and I sometimes get asked... but this was just the most horrible thing ever.
    As for the comments: there are two ways of asking IMO, a friend (not a close friend though) once asked whether my bag was real or not. That was absolutely fine to me, as she was just interested and asked in a nice way. :yes:
  11. I won't :yes:
    It already turned into a running gag between my friend and me. Every time she sees me w/ an LV she asks "Turkey or China?" :P :rolleyes:
  12. Some people are raised by wolves. Hideous behavior. Consider the source.
  13. :roflmfao::sweatdrop::shrugs:

    I love that answer!
  14. ya people are IGNORANT! Just because THEY don't know about something, they assume it's fake.
    And yes, it's happened to me before. I was carrying my BH which isn't one of LV 'spectacular' bags, and my mom's friend came up to me and said: "that's fake right?" If he wasn't my mom's friend and good customer, I woulda said something nasty lol. Oh well, the things I do for mommy lol.
  15. OMG. So rude! I would not comment on other people's purse about its authencity.