How roomy is the smaller MIA?

  1. Hi everyone-

    I am looking for an "everyday" bag - one that can act as a "stand in" on days that I don't have time or inclination to change my bag to coordinate with my outfit. I could use any suggestions!

    How roomy is the smaller MIA? I have the dimensions, but that is usually only part of the picture. I had been carrying a LV Damier Alma and loved it, but wanted a change. It was also just a tad too small at times. This summer I have been carrying an Acorn Venetia but I find it is not "deep" enough from front to back, which necessitates stacking all my things on one another thus making it difficult to find anything in a hurry. I also like to keep my cell phone in its own place so I don't have to dig for it every time it rings. The Venetia has the front pockets, but they aren't deep either so I usually end up keeping the pocket with the phone in it open and I fear one of these days it will fall out!

    The last few weeks I have been carrying the larger Guineviere, but it feels like a suitcase. Don't get me wrong, I love the bag, but I am only 5'4" and I feel like I'm playing dress up with my mommy's clothes. I need an inside large pocket for receipts, lists, prescriptions, etc. so I don't put the phone there and it is ALWAYS lost!

    I have always liked the looks of the MIA and have been looking at both the large and small. The large appears to be more the size of my current "Guin", so I have ruled that out. Those of you with the smaller MIA - how many pockets are there, and is there enough room inside that your things are not totally stacked on each other? Is the small zip pocket in front large enough for a small flip phone, and is that the only outside pocket?

    I am thinking about the color Nutmeg...


  2. Thanks, bag.lover! I actually saw these at Bloomie's online yesterday and am surprised they are still available. MJ bags seem to go so quickly when they are on sale. Do you think that says anything about how roomy they actually are?

  3. Kim, I have seen all 3 sizes of Mia in person. =)

    Small Mia (not to be confused with Mia Polina Hobo) isn't roomy at all -- it's good for someone petite like me (5ft).
    For your height & your description above, I would recommend Medium Mia which is bigger than Alma & Venetia.
    Large Mia is too big for every-day wear, members here find it too heavy.

    I just check Blommindale's again, only Mia Polina Hobo is left.

  4. Thanks again, bag.lover! This really helps.

    I had no idea that there were THREE sizes for the do I know which one I am getting? Does the MJ website give dimensions for the three, and are all three sizes still "current" for F06? I just don't want a bag that is going t be as big as my Guinevere, but that will be deeper from front to back than my Venetia.

    I saw that they were sold out at Bloomingdale's as well, but they are still out there...
  5. In addition to the 3 Mia, there is also Polina Leather Hobo series (come in different sizes) which have ID window with embossed logo as well.

    Sales Associates get them confused too so I always associate the sizes with their retail prices. When ordering over the phone, I would recommend having the style number as well.

    Let me lookup the information for you, will be back. =)
  6. From Marc Jacobs Spring 2006 Collection

    LARGE SATCHEL (16.5 x 7 x 13)
    COLORS: Nutmeg, Black, Eggshell
    PRICE: $1150USD

    SATCHEL (14 x 6 x 10.5)
    COLORS: Eggshell, Cobalt, Black, Crimson, Nutmeg, Green Apple,
    PRICE: $975USD

    MIA (13 x 7 x 5)
    COLORS: Cobalt, Black, Nutmeg, Green Apple, Eggshell
    PRICE: $895USD
  7. BlueBee - Marc Jacobs Mia Large Satchel Eggshell#
    Marc Jacobs Mia Large Satchel Eggshell
    SKU: MJH01322
    SKU: C361020 EGGS
    The Mia Large Satchel is a great way to carry all the necessities of life and look fabulous doing it. Great for work or travel. Made of 100% leather, this tote has gold hardware and sturdy detachable handles. This bag has more compartments than we can count! 3 exterior pockets, two inner pockets outside of the center zipper compartment, large center zipper compartment with cell phone pocket and another interior zipper compartment... so that makes 8 different places to stash your stuff! Measures 16.5"W x 13"T x 7"D. Made in Italy.

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  8. BlueBee - Marc Jacobs Satchel Black
    Marc Jacobs Satchel Black
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  9. Mia Leather Handbag
    • White leather.
    • Golden hardware and studs.
    • Top handles with clips.
    • Zip top.
    • Front zip pocket; logo-stamped ID plate.
    • Metal feet protect base of bag.
    • 7"H x 13 1/2"W x 6 1/2"D.
    • Made in Italy.
  10. has Medium Mia for $875 ($100 less than regular retail).

    A reinvented classic, the Mia satchel's got what it takes to satisfy a girl's every need. Yummy soft Italian calfskin, signature Marc Jacobs style and a timeless look you'll never tire of! Made in Italy. 7" h x 13 1/2" w x 6 1/2" d.
    price $875.00
    Mia Satchel - Apple Green at