How roomy is the small/ little/baby Stam?

  1. I've always liked the Stam and saw the small on NAP. It looks cute! :heart:
    I'm wondering if it's big enough to carry everyday essentials: a big wallet, phone, notepad, keys, a book?
    I guess what I mean is, is it just an evening bag?

    I did a search but couldn't find a "what's in my bag" thread, so all and any answers (or pics!!) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!! :flowers:
  2. If you don't carry a lot with you, Little Stam can be used as an everyday bag as well. A big wallet and book might be too much, a medium wallet and very small book would be okay.
  3. You could possibly fit a paperback in the regular stam, but definitely not the baby stam.
  4. Thank you, that is very helpful :flowers:
    I guess it would be too small for me!
  5. I think that the baby stam is so cute. I would have liked to buy one but I fear it may be a tad too small to tote around all my usual junk! xx
  6. that about sums it up.
  7. I absolutely ADORE my baby stam! :nuts: I find I can surprisingly fit quite a bit in it, so it makes a great day-to-night bag for the weekend. Last weekend I was able to fit my Chanel agenda, Coach mini skinny, Coach coin pouch, all my makeup needs, and my leather gloves. I think that's a pretty good amount of stuff! :yes: