how reliable is ebay?

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  1. i am so upset with myself; never did i think i would fall so hard for a print that i'd want it in a bag, a wallet, a wristlet, and a mini skinny. not even to carry altogether, but rather, to carry separately depending on where i'm going. i even went so far as to convince myself that should i ever get my hands on a black small sabrina, all those accessories would match beautifully because it's the OP ART CHAINLINK PRINT IN PLUM, print against solid. :nuts:

    i have the bag and small wallet ...but not the wristlet and mini skinny. obviously my craving started late and my last option is ebay. BF is hard set against it because the last two times he ordered from there, it didn't go very well. :mad:

    so, fellow tPFers...
    1) how can you tell if the item you're bidding on is authentic?
    2) how can you determine if the seller is genuine?
    3) why are people selling coach items, "tags attached", on sale on the bay anyway? why purchase something just to sell it for less than the FP paid for?

    as you can tell, i'm new to the bay so pardon my ignorance :P i'd love to have these items in my hands before the few last ones on ebay are granted to someone else :cry:
  2. 1) Post links on the "Authenticate This" thread. The TPF ladies are very knowledgeable!
    2) is your best friend when determining if a seller is genuine. This will show you all the negative and neutral feedback they've received so you can make an informed decision.
    3) Some people are probably too far from FP or outlets to return the items and could use the money. And since the items "on sale" are probably at the outlets, they can't very well charge FP for them unless a buyer is in dire "need" for the item.

    Hope this helps! Anyone else have any different thoughts?
  3. Some items may make it to the outlet, seller picks up for decent price, and sells on the bay to make a small profit. Or if its a high demand bag, it may actually go over retail.

    Always authenticate potential purchases on tPF through the above link. I check the sellers feedback carefully too! If they are a new seller, I am especially wary as well. And I won't buy from a seller who charges an astronomical shipping fee. Always ask for lots of pictures esp a clear photo of the creed. Don't be afraid to ask questions either!

    Good luck, I hope you find what you're looking for!
  4. Oooh e.Kat you're such an ENABLER!:nuts:
  5. I've had amazing luck on ebay ... i use the site provided above to check out sellers' feedback and it works like a charm

    Also make sure you have some kind of contact with the seller - if they don't take the time to reply, it's probably a sign to find another auction. Ask for additional pics, what their return policy is ... for every bad seller out there, there are dozens of AMAZING ones - I have even saved sellers b/c of their STELLAR SERVICE!
  6. Are you far from an outlet? Yesterday when I was at my outlet (the falls Canada), they had chainlink swingpacks, I didn't see any wristlets or wallets but I alos wasn't looking for them. If you are near an outlet you should check with them first.
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