How rare is your multi color pattern?

  1. Just a question for all you multi color owners....

    Ever see the same exact placement of colors on someone elses same bag (i.e.- Speedy vs. Speedy)? Is this possible?
  2. It would be possible there aren't that many combinations I'd try an explain it but I just end up confusing every one I'm sure someone can explain the placement much better than me lol
  3. I have the white shirley and cles. They have the same color pattern. Wow! I just noticed that. Cool! :supacool:
  4. Yep, I've seen it many times, only difference is the front pocket because that is a second piece of canvas.
  5. So there are different combinations of color patterns for the MC canvas? I didn't know this.

    So does this make it easier or harder to fake?

  6. no the colour combo is all the same it just depends where the roll was cut to get the material for the bag as to what section of colour you get if it has pockets etc this is a new extra piece so will change the colour order kwim?
  7. That's pretty cool, I never would have noticed on my own but there are a lot of posts about people trying to get their "perfect" colour placement (usually with lots of pink!)
  8. I see, interesting, I knew that it was just one big piece of canvas but I wonder why some have more pinks and purples and some have more of the white/green LV's than others......