How rare is this?

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  1. Those retailed for 160. So its over retail. If you aren't stuck on a bag that big, there are a ton of original print stellinas that are retailing under or at what they originally sold for (130) I picked one up for 89 last week...
  2. I bought an original print stellina for 90 :yes:

    that campeggio is so overpriced :cursing:
  3. Right on, well i'm trying to snag all the prints in Zucca and in Campeggio.
  4. humm... I don't think they made any zuccas yet until later on I think so that leaves only the campeggio

    I think it's overpriced but if you really want it then by all means. A lot of people paid over retail for their perfect ones :shrugs: There's always a chance that it'll appear again but then that might not be true also. I mean w/ the recent influx of stellinas and canguros it's kind of :weird: since most of us couldn't find a single thing now they appeared magically at once.

    So I'd say even while it's rare you can always choose to chance waiting or not :shrugs:
  5. so who bought it?
  6. Ya I just logged on and it's gone hmmmmmmm Guess it was popular
  7. i think all those stellinas are fake though there are an awful lot of them on there & have you noticed they all are missing the qees??
  8. Why do you think they are fake? They look real to me. I'm considering purchasing one and would like to know what I'm missing! All of the Original print fakes I've seen have not had the colored hardware.

    Also, it' snot unusual for Original print items to be missing the qees. Sellers can get more for the qees by selling them separately.
  9. They don't look fake :nogood:
  10. If you guys noticed, on the lesportsac tag (the white one with the bar code) They have a set of stars printed on them. I thought it was kinda weird--sellers from diff cites have them! That isnt normal, but when I ask for close up shots, the purse looks fine. Somethings going on though....not sure what it is!
  11. Normally, when you shop at otlets like Banana Republic or Ann Taylor, they put stars or dots on the tag to indicate outlet status. Do you think that might be the case here?
  12. I've noticed the stars too but I assumed it was something with the originals only since I haven't noticed it on any other bags :shrugs:

    and I agree qees... particularly the meomi qees sell for $$ by themselves that's why a lot have theirs missing. I know I'm keeping mine from the bag I'm selling just cuz I luv the meomi!
  13. Yeah, but if it was going to the outlets, the hawaii ones should have them too since they are still selling it. Any why of all places would they suddenly pop up everywhere! The people selling them barely have a clue what they are. I dont know what, but something doesnt add up with those bags. If they are fakes, they are super good!
  14. If the sellers are taking the qees off and selling them separate, they should still be on ebay. But they arent and every seller that I've messaged said that they obtained the bags without the qees. Hmmm fishy!