How rare is this Gucci Bowling bag???

  1. okay so recently i got a pass on by my cousins as we both share passionate loves for handbags! Mine is sort of more towards Chanel while hers tends to go toward Gucci.. Anyways so she gave me this bag because she said she grew out of it as it has pink on it and she said i could do whatever i want with it either keep it or sell it. But since i dont really know about this bag and how valuable it is. What do you girls think? it is a permanent collection? is it hard to find? i kind of like it but somewhat it is not my style.. so i don't know if i should keep it since she gave it to me.. OR fund it towards something else?
  2. If it is real I'm sure it will sell quickly on eBay because that is a bag in high demand. It's from '05 but people still want it today. Try posting pics of it in the authenticate this thread and the Blondie club thread for better opinions of its authenticity and worth/demand on eBay!
  3. oh i know it is authentic we bought it together in Gucci on Rodeo!
  4. oh and thank you ! i really have no clue about Gucci!
  5. If it is real do not sell it! That blondie bowler is in VERY HIGH demand. It is discontinued. And yes do post pics in the blondie thread, Club Blondie!!!!!-

    HighMaintanence is very good at the blondies, she will be able to tell you if it is real or not.
  6. Oops just read your reply. I would keep it, but if you decide to sell it, trust me, there will be a CRAZY bidding frenzy!!!
  7. Yep..thats what I mean..I'm just saying that if you don't like it you SHOULD sell it because I know someone out there will love you for it and pay you $$$$$$ from which you can get whatever you want! :biggrin: WIN/WIN!
  8. That's a Gucci blondie bowler and like the ladies has already mention, its in high demand! I'd love to get my hand on one without pink.
  9. I will loan my house to get this bowler!!!! OK, maybe not. :rolleyes:
  10. You should sell it! to Highmaintenance, she is a good girl and collects Blondies! :lol:............OK..bad joke :hrmm:........Authentic! period.
  11. HM, I'm going to get a black bowler and paint the medallion pink!
  12. I'm going to get a black bowler and dye the leather in red!!!:p
  13. Gorgeous bag...If I had it I would keep it...But if it's not your style sell it and buy more Chanel! ;)
  14. :roflmfao: I really wish Gucci would take special order! Darn! We're too crazy about Blondies!
  15. that would be awesome! I once asked if I can place a special order on the blondie, the sale person told me no and she showed me the Snow Glam boston bag - I think its look nice but the blondie look absolutely beautiful.