How rare is a Lindy 30 in Niloticus Croc?

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  1. Lol no modeling. Sorry my dear. Need to shed the baby weight first! [emoji13]
  2. Ok! Then I will pray you shed the weight effortlessly so we can see some modeling pics ;)
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  3. Thank you! I saw one in San Francisco last week and it was 37k plus tax.
  4. LOL oh... that must be it then. was it dark blue? I don't even bother asking about exotics yet.
  5. There is a black croc on US site. Size 26. Just FYI. :smile:
  6. No, it was very dark green.
  7. Oh dear... I can't hold back my tears! She's soooooooo beautiful! Ahhhhhh!
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  8. You are too kind. Thanks for liking it.
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  9. Wow, is that for Lindy 26 or 30 price???
  10. Lindy 26
  11. Hi, there is a 30 listed on The realreal right now for half the price (if the $26-28 is accurate) ... But I am no expert with exotics and the limited pics on the website is another inconvenience. HIH.
  12. I'm looking for Lindy 34 Croc, but I asked my SA they said they did not offer Lindy 34 in Croc. That's really sad for me :sad: