How rare is a Lindy 30 in Niloticus Croc?

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  1. Wondering if anyone has any experience landing this beauty.
  2. Are you trying to find one?
  3. I saw one in SF in Matte Black but looks more grayish. They just got it yesterday but I believe its actually the Lindy 26... which is even more rare.
  4. I was offered one in Paris but I didn't take it. Keep thinking about it since... Kicking myself. SA told me its rarely in production. And i was looking for a Lindy30, just never thought of an exotic.
  5. How much was it?
  6. Got mine in a size 26 in Japan!
  7. Nice... Is it considered rare?? I am totally regretting not taking it.
  8. Surely there was a reason why you passed? Buying it just because it's rare is for me not enough of a reason to get it. It's a huge cost for something that you didn't love when you saw it. It's probably less common because the demand for exotic lindys are not nearly as big as regular leather lindys so less are ordered. So many lindys now so wait for the Lindy 30. I have both an exotic and regular leather and I use my regular leather so much more. I say don't regret but look forward to spending your money on something you really love when you see it. I have learned over the years that patience pays off and something always comes along. H makes so many beautiful bags and accessories that another beautiful and stunning bag will cross your path. I have passed on many things only to find the right thing one when presented and so glad I had the money available for it when it did. Don't lose hope.
  9. I've never seen a Lindy in exotic leather :O Hope you can share photos!
  10. Thanks for the great advice. This is what H does to you. The constant pull at your heart (& purse) string. I guess the more experience I gather, the better I get in handling this elusiveness of the H brand.
  11. I have one in amethyst matte in 26. I am not a Lindy girl but the color and the supple leather were too yummy to pass. I don't think I would have purchased it if the color was not purple. Rare or not never was my deciding factor! Don't regret. you will find something you truly love!!!

  12. Gorgeous!!! So it's a non-squishy Lindy? Exotic x purple is the best combo ever.
  13. It's soft. I have air cushions inside the bag when took the pic. :smile:
  14. Oh... I don't recall but around 26-28k
  15. She's gorgeous! ️thanks for sharing a pic of your bag. Can you do a modeling pic? I am in love with modeling pics. I love to see how the bags look on people .