How "rare" is a Hermes Twilly Bag these day?

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows if this bag
    (very cute and sporty) is a hard to find item or a Birkin hard to find item? Thanks!
  2. HI! If you mean the Garden Party Twilly tote, they are pretty easy to find. I see them whenever I'm at H. :smile:
  3. Olive519, it's pretty easy to find in the stores. Birkin is a lot harder than this.

    There're a lot of GP owners here. Do a search and you'll be able to find more information about it.
  4. They are definitely plentiful. Not a problem getting a Garden Party twilly tote at Hermes. BTW, I love these bags!
  5. Yes, they are always in stores, even at the Hermes stores located in airport terminals. I adore the lining!
  6. The quality of the leather and the beautiful silk lining is what really caught my attention, but the one I saw in the Connecticut H was petite, so if I see it in a larger size, I cannot be responsible for my actions....
  7. :yahoo: .. thats what we like to hear....:yahoo:
  8. Except if you are in SF where they never have them. :crybaby: But everywhere else does!
  9. Olive, be very very VERY careful when buying the Hermes Twilly bags on eBay, they ARE being faked and quite well I must add. I have seen them on faksters' sites in both the black and brown colourway. Contrary to what the seller of the bag you have listed states, bags can not be 'verified' at Hermes.
  10. hello2703 why cant these bags be verified at Hermes???and also the bags are more in price than what the seller has started the bid
  11. Hermes does not verify bags. Period.
    The closest thing to having a bag 'verified' is to have it refurbished at Hermes or to have one's initials embossed. Hermes will not work on a bag that is not theirs. But to walz into Hermes and plonk a bag on the counter and ask if it's authentic is not possible. Also, some of the SAs are not sooooooo super knowledgeable about bags that they could authenticate them.