How rare/hard to find are the oval clutches?

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  1. After seeing CheshireCat's black oval and Cracker's white, I've decided that I NEED an oval. Does anyone know whether any stores still might carry them though they've been discontinued? I haven't seen a single one come up on Ebay in the past few months, which leads me to believe they're really hard to come by. Any advice, ladies? Thanks in advance!! :biggrin:
  2. I asked Aloha Rag, and they didn't have any.
  3. Check BalNY, they may have more. Also, I bet they're still hanging around some NM's or Barneys. This was a while back but I saw a black one at NM Palm Beach. Ask for JJ, he seems to know more about Bbags.
  4. BalParis have some left in rouille, emerald green and a colour the SA called "swimmingpool".
    I see you live in germany so by ordering from inside of Europe's borders you could avoid taxes right? That's the case here in Denmark. I just ordered an oval in ink from them (the last one I'm afraid).
    If you decide to order from Balparis I would recommend working with Francisco. He doesn't speak english very well but he is such a sweetheart and super helpful!

  5. I wonder if swimming pool is blue india? That would be beautiful.
  6. Check w/Neiman's San Francisco. I know they had a bunch of them at some point.
  7. Yes, it would be very pretty in Blue India:love:
    I think there is a good chance that it could be blue india. I asked for more information on the colour but she said the only way to describe it was that it had the same colour as a swimmingpool:confused1: But she did say that she that she didn't know for sure but thought that it was from last year's fall/winter collection - hello BI:smile:
    But I have to admit that I kind of zoned out and didn't pay very good attention after she said they one left in ink:shame: - I've been looking for that one for sooo long!
  8. Wow, I wasn't a fan of the oval when I saw it, but thanks to all of you I'm feeling swayed! One in BI would be luscious :drool::drool::drool:
    Keep us posted, Evilarchitect!
    I've been so into Bal clutches recently, don't know how I ever lived without them ;)
  9. Hi Girlie, did you change your avatar?:nuts: and where were you last Wed. I was looking for you?:search: i missed meeting you at the trunk show.:heart:
  10. Slinks - saw ur posted family pics esp ur clutches....they are gorgeous.....:yes::yes:
  11. call up Bal NY and NM, if your NM doesnt have they can find one that does. They are still floating around so jump on it. I got a greiige and a cornflower about 2 weeks ago.
  12. Oh hello you are in Germany, I got my cornflower and an ink which I gave as a monthers day present, both from Bal Paris. Bal NYC had white and black and truffle as of about 10 days ago. It seems Paris has actual colors and NYC has the black, brown, and white. Good luck!
  13. swimming pool could be "conrflower" or "bleuet" as well.

  14. OMG.........that's great! It will look incredible with INK!!!! Did you order it?
  15. Yes, I ordered it on thursday. With some luck it will be here monday. Can't wait:yahoo:I'm really anxious to see what the leather will be like. By the way your oval in white is TDF!