How rare are: Sage, Dark Forest, Aquamarine, Thistle and Taupe?

  1. These colors are BEAUTIFUL. The one I went gaga over was the Aquamarine Blake. Where can I find one?
    Just ga-ga over it. I thought Thistle was pretty and Sage too!!! But my favorite is still Peacock :drool::drool::drool: So many pretty little money haha!!!

    any of these colors in a blake or sophia would make me so happy!
  2. I think Dark Forest is the oldest color(2003?), and probably the most difficult to find in great condition. Sage and Thistle would be easier(2004?), and Taupe the easiest, if you go by year of release. For some reason, I see thistle pretty often out of all, and I believe this color was available at dept store outlets last year. I saw a Sage Sophia last year at Saks off 5th too. I saw taupe at NMLC this past January.

    I guess all in all, they are hard to find, but not impossible. Keep an eye out on eBay, these colors all pop up regularly, sometimes in waves.

    As for aquamarine, I'm not convinced that it's an actual MJ color. I think that seller made up that color. The closest to this color would be Peacock blue, and was also seen in outlets last year.

    Good luck, if you hang in there you'll find your color soon!
  3. Thistle, Sage, and Dk Forest are from Fall 2004; Taupe and Aquamarine are from Fall 2005. Some of these colors weren't popular (ie didn't sell out, can be found at outlets). If you are willing to pay full price, you can check with Marc Jacobs boutiques. For discounted prices, stores like NM Last Call, Nordstrom Rack, and Off 5th often have bags (especially Sophia, Multipocket, Kirsten) in '04 colors (Sage, Dk Forest, Thistle).
  4. I've definitely seen Thistle bags at the Neiman Last Calls over the last few months mostly in the MP style. I haven't seen any of the other colors at the outlets.
  5. There're lots of sighting of KIRSTEN in Dk Forest at outlets; plenty of Sage SOFIA (more than 5) at Off 5th in Ontario Mills several months ago. Cheryl, was it good that you didn't see these colors since they're green? LOL. Dk Forest and Sage were 2 of colors from the group made with tumbled calf leather and antiqued hardware, you wouldn't like them if you prefer shiny silver hw.

    Outlets tend to have these styles (SHOULDER, MD GUINEVIERE, GUINEVIERE, SMALL SELMA, LARGE SELMA, TOTE, etc) in Taupe.