How Quickly Do You Breakin Your New Bag ?

Jan 23, 2006
I usually use it the next day, as I change bags daily, If It is a Chanel or Herme's I will wait for the right occasion, because they are not my everyday bags.

How about you, How Quickly do you use your new bag ?
Sometimes never. I have mild OCD and a bad habit of mine is getting something I really like but "saving" it. If it's a bag that I really intended to use, immediately.
I have a rule, if I don't use something within three days of purchase I take it back. With most of my Vuittons, I just walk out of the store using them already!!!
wickedassin said:
I just bought a Burberry Prorsum over the weekend and it's still in it's dust bag! I think I'm just waiting for the "right" moment for its debut, lol.

Not me, I can't wait! I want to use it right away!
Umm, couple of days... :smile: i'm quite bad like that... i get kinda funny eg/ what are people going to say? are they going to be staring at me? etc.... i guess its better to be safe than paranoid?? (Haha)