How PROTECTIVE are you of your Louis Vuitton!?

  1. Hey chikas!
    How protective are you about your LV?
    Rain? Snow?
    Don't go out if there is a hint of precipitation?
    Put it on the ground for fear if it getting dirty?
    Wash your hands before carrying it so to not get the beautiful handles dirty?

    Haha... I'm a protective mom to my LV ( I will admit I do all of the above... am I insane?)

    Gimmie some posts!
  2. I do not worry about rain and snow, I've been out in both and never anything happened. I definatly wash my hands before putting them on the handles (if my hands are dirty). NEVER put it on the ground. And, give it it's own seat next to me at resturants!!!

    Finally, I have a 6 & 5 year old and they know by now: Never, touch mommy's bag!!!
  3. Not at all!!!:nuts:
  4. I'm protective of all my bags, not just LV. :lol: I don't put my purse on the floor afraid that it will get it dirty. I visually inspect any restaurant table before setting my bag down. My bag generally occupy my passenger seat (or if occupied, my passenger holds my purse :P )

    I'm staying away from items with the untreated leather so I won't have to worry about it not patina'ed evenly (My :love: is the epi line so it works out for me).

    I'm extremely protective of my vernis since it's so delicate. I have the dustbag to cover the top of my vernis wallet after I put it in my purse. I know, I'm a bit obsessive. :weird:
  5. Of my monogram Ellipse, I am very careful. Try to keep the hands clean and such.... Of my Damier Salsa, not so much. With the dark strap and the dark canvas, it is pretty tough. Which one I use on any given day is based on where I am headed and how the weather is supposed to be....
  6. I'm VERY protective. If there's even a hint of rain, I won't use it for fear of getting water spots. And I want to slow down the patina process on my speedy and keep it nice and pale (I'm probably in the minority there). I ended up putting a scarf on the handles to prevent contact from my grubby hands. :P
  7. i make sure my hands aren't visibly dirty and don't put it on the floor if i can help it. i don't take it to work with me (a restaurant) because the place we store personal things gets stuff spilled around/in it all the time. i live in the pacfic northwest so avoiding the rain is not an option. i haven't noticed any water spots so far though. :smile:
  8. I am trying to do the same! I heard the sun can do that so I keep something (usually the dustbag) over top of the untreated leather.
    I am very protective of my bag.. SO afraid of water spots.. I've noticed one GASP, get this, I accidently spit on it (while I was talking) clumsy me, and I litterly almost cried as my BF and own mother laughed at me. ( it was the second day after getting it.. I am sure you could understand my pain...)
    Scarf.... brilliant... getting one ASAP.
    Just bought Appleguarde too.. the whole line basically.
    I am in Canada.. (it snowed today.. ah!) so I have to check the forcast EVERYDAY, very unpredicatable weather!!!
  9. Absolutely Insanely Protective...

    once during a plane ride...I had my Mono Keepall and I hoarded a whole overhead compartment to myself (or at least I tried some wierdo and their "backpack" got next to it) and I would not eat anything cause I knew that me touching the oils would stain the Vachetta on the strap...

    well...I'm not like that anymore...I try to be more flexible but after the trip I heavily sprayed and treated the natural vachetta...
  10. I was very protective with my Speedy but not so much anymore. It's a handheld bag and there's no way out of getting the handles dirty. :biggrin:

  11. That is the best thing I have ever heard... I would be the same "backpack" haha
  12. Not very protective--It would take some of the enjoyment out of it if I couldn't just use my bags.

    I don't set them on the floor or anything, but otherwise, I don't do anything to protect them....
  13. I get depressed when I see my handles have gotten darker. =(
    I always wash my hands before I carry it, but sadly it's not enough. boo.
  14. Yes, keeping it in the sun will make it patina faster. And when I store it, I keep it waayyy in the back of my closet, in its dustbag.

    Ohhhh, I do feel your pain! I hate it when I mark up my bags, especially something that's brand new, too!

    I have heard nothing but good things about appleguard. I bought the repellent spray and the conditioner. But....I've have been too chicken to use it on any of my bags yet. One day I just have to bite the bullet and start smearing it on! :biggrin:

    What kind of LV do you have?
  15. I have the Mono Speedy 25 (my first), the Appleguarde stuff comes with a soft cloth for putting it on.. and its white so it wont transfer dyes. I bought the cleaner, the conditioner and the rain and stain repellant, I will try it on an "inconspicious" area first like on the undersides of the handles...we'll see how it does.
    I've seen some posts about it and people say not to put too much on so I am going to start slow and build up... I hope it doesn't turn it darker.. I want my first bag to be a patina "virgin" for a while haha.

    I will post on here how it turns out sometime.. I'm a little scared too!
    I'm so glad other ppl are over protective of their LV's just like me.. phew... thought I was nuts.. and so does my BF I think..

    He just saw some posts from this thread and he is just laughing.. and shaking his head he just cant "fathom..." haha. I just told him we are women and this is what we "do".