How prices have changed

  1. How long have you been buying hermes for? What were the prices of some of your earlier purchases compared to now? If you can remember, I thought it would be interesting to hear what you bought, when and how much it was.

    I bought a trim bag (not sure of size but I think 31cm) in togo almost 4 years ago and it was 3200$. They are now 4400$? I think.
  2. I bought my first scarf in 1985 for $140.00, now $325.00.
  3. I remember kellys and birkins were less than $4K about 8 years ago. Now they're about 50% more. And in the case of chevre birkins, they're over $8K now for a 35cm.

    30 cm matte Croc birkins were about $12,500 maybe 6 years ago, this year, they're $22K!!!
  4. I've been into H for about 7-8 years.
    First Birkin was about $4500. Most recently: about $7200.
  5. I bought a scarf for my mother at FSH in 1973. It came out to about $45. (I still have it, and it still looks great!)
  6. The first Birkin I ever bought was something like $4000 including tax. :wtf: I think that was in the late 90s.
  7. I bought my first scarf on Air France and can't remember the year. I think they had jet planes then. I'm vintage but haven't increased in value due to cracks in my leather.
  8. OMG- seeing just how much prices have increased gives me a stomach ache.
  9. ^ITA... And ladies, the prices will keep increasing every year... By at least 10%!

  10. They are going up againin January. Yet we are all still willing and ready to buy them. Are we suckers?:shrugs:
  11. First Kelly, a 32 sellier, was a little over $4000.
    Gosh that was long ago...
  12. Today I bought an unused scarf from the mid-late 80s (I think?) with the original price tag on it. I paid $225, and the original price tag read $175. Feh. The 80s don't seem that long ago, either (at least to me)
  13. I can foresee the annual increase in the new year will be more than than usual 3% or so. With the falling USD, European goods are slightly less expensive here than in the Continent so there will be an fx adjustment included in the annual increase! Gulp!

    That is why I'll be picking up all the goodies they are keeping HOSTAGE for me before the end of the year!!! Have to pace my purchases so as not to see this look on DH's face :wtf::wtf::wtf:!!! Heh!
  14. ^
    So what you're saying is that you think there'll be an increase (maybe 3%) all over, then a separate increase for US on top of that?
  15. Seriously. If oil is hitting $100. Why shouldn't Hermes? In fact Chanel will be having a price increase pretty soon, or has it already?

    Given the looming price increase, does it mean that we need to stock up on Hermes and other brand names? Hahaha, just being naughty!