How pressed am I for patina....

  1. I have my brand new mono Alma hanging from a planter hook below the sky light in the master bathroom. :shame: It has been "tanning" all day. I plan to let the bag "tan" every day until I see a color change. :rolleyes: How pressed is that? :upsidedown: :lol:
  2. She's wearing sunglasses too? ;) :supacool: :upsidedown:

    Does the bag look slightly darker already?
  3. lol, how about taking it to a tanning booth ?
  4. I alwasy gife my panda a tanning sesion:graucho:
    I love to see how it is getting darker and darker!
  5. Great idea.
  6. cute
  7. Just carry your baby..
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: That alma better be wearin' Louis sunnies!
  9. I rubbed the straps of my tango constantly with my bare hands and it gradually turned darker.
  10. Gosh mine patina so quickly here in Texas. It must be the heat? I swear I start to notice a slight patina after about one week!
  11. Hey, I'm the same with my new petit noe - its bottom is facing the window, but now it's autumn in Scotland it may take a wee while to tan!!
    Better just take it outside...
  12. loll that so funny
  13. No color change so far...:idea: I think I may start a patina journal.:lol:
  14. Document the journal with pictures on a timeline!!
  15. I tried to tan my speedy for a while, but I didn't want to put it directly in the sunlight so I didn't have much sucess. Good luck with your Alma!! You should totally start a patina journal or at least do a photo journal!!