How pratical is this bag?

  1. I really really REALLY LOVE this bag! I'm just not sure how pratical it is. I love the chocolate sig and I was orginally looking at the Leigh but I'm not a fan of the flap bags. I have a soho flap and its annoying getting stuff in and out of it. I'm already getting the choc. sig Carly for christmas. I thought about the Legacy Shoulder bag but I want something a little bigger. Does anyone have the Legacy Satchel. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. i have the 06 version... it's really nice to look at. to me, it's heavy and hard to get stuff out of because of the little flap thing.. i just keep mine unzipped when i use it. i hardly use it anymore... hmm maybe i'll take it out tomorrow...
  3. I think you will be surprised at the leigh.. the flap is really easy to get in/out of and easy to do it while it is on your shoulder :yes: It also seems like this bag would be harder to get into and definately heavier. But I am biased! :rolleyes:
  4. I love the Leigh!
  5. Ive tried it on a million times in the store but I never end up getting it because, for me, that strap over the top is a serious pain in the neck to keep opening and closing. And it just doesnt look as nice if you let it hang free for easy access.
  6. looks heavy