How practical is the Mini Pochette Accessoires?

  1. I am very interested in getting one of these to put inside my speedies (cerise and mono), but is it practical? My intended use is for my make up and such. :smile:
  2. I have the regular pouchette accessoire mono and I love it. It takes up just the right amount of space in my speedy 30 and I can fit lots of make up into it. Not sure how small the mini is???? The pouchette can also be used has a small clutch....sweeeet!!!!!
  3. Im going to get the mini pochette but in the damier azur when it comes out..i think there are soo cute because of the chain handle :smile:
  4. I think they are very practical...I have one and I'm gonna get another one in Azur...they are perfect for makeup, tissues, mirror etc and fit perfectly in my speedy 30. I just hook it onto the d-ring of my speedy so it stays clipped...and if I want to use it as a tiny purse/wristlet..I just take out to go! they're perfect!!
  5. I have the mini for my PM Messenger Bosphore. It holds my compact, lipstick, lipgloss, small lip liner pencil, small comb and perfume tester. I love it and was really surprised at how much that little baby can hold...
  6. I love it!...I use it all the time no matter what handbag I use. I usually use it for holding loose change, quarters (parking :yucky: ), small bills and receipts. I can just stuff the change in without pulling out my wallet, especially when there's a long line and people are waiting ( which is all the time). And, I like the fact that I can latch it into my bag for security. It's a very practical and versatile accessory.:love: I hope they do release a Damier version!
    (25) Louis Vuitton - Mini Pochette Accessoire - 205.JPG
  7. How much bigger is the regular pouchette? The mini is cutier with the chain but, my S.A. recommended the regular pouchette to me wish I would have gotten the cute!!!! What is the price difference between the two????
  8. There is about a 3" difference in size between the two, and the price for the mini, is $215 and the regular is $280 in the US.
  9. I use mine in lieu of a wallet to hold money and my debit card.
  10. I love my mini pochette. I use the regular sized pochette in my Mono Speedy 30, and the mini pochette in my Cerises Speedy 25. I've also used it as a tiny going out bag

    Size compared to a cles

    It actually fits on my shoulder (although I'm pretty petite)
  11. I was going to say the same exact thing!! I use mine in my speedy and use it as a little purse when I am out!! :smile:
  12. hi pursemama! :yes: They actually make one in damier but it is a couple of inches larger than the monogram. I wanted one so bad...and then I found out that they sell it as a repair piece for the Damier Marais. I just told them that I needed that replacement piece, and they ordered it for me! They have two different versions of the mini pochette and Its only $150!! I actually use it for my speedy and as a small clutch! It's very nice!!:love: here's a pic of the version that I have!!
    Damier Marais.JPG
  13. wow! you all are really making me want it. now that i see it being worn, it doesn't look as small as it does on eluxury. it would be perfect for makeup, hygiene products, etc... we'll see what happens, i need to beg my boyfriend for it...
  14. I think it's great for makeup, etc., or for even wearing it if you like less room. Maybe also as a clutch? I can't wait for the azur!
  15. the mini pochette accessories sure looks darnnn cute. i want it so badly right now. the one in damier!