How practical is the "electric" blue Mahala?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I don't know what the official color name is, but I wanted to know how practical the electric blue Mahala is? I saw one IRL yesterday at the local JC boutique, and it's TDF!
  2. I think this is one of those colors that looks good with alot. I can think of a ton of things in my closet it would look fabulous with. I would not hesitate to buy this bag if I did not already have enough Mahalas. SuLi, go get it!
  3. I think the color is amazing and goes with A LOT... GO GET IT!!
  4. I :heart::heart::heart: it and would grab it in a heartbeat! Get it while you can or you will kick yourself later!
  5. We're talkin Jimmy Choo practical is any of it!
    But we want it... I think the blue is hot! It won't be mistaken or go un-noticed.:yahoo::wlae::woohoo:
  6. Its definately a hot statement bag! I think you can wear just about anything with it. Did you see the pic of Lindsey Lohan that Samantha's collection posted in the celebs forum? here it is!
  7. ^ Wow...she looks great with the bag.

    I'm one of those people that have a hard time with "colors" in terms of their bags. I'm pretty deliberate with what I want, and tend to fall back on classic colors especially because these bags aren't cheap!

    Thanks for the input...if I decide to make the leap, you guys will be the first to know!
  8. I think with that color I would go with a clutch. It wouldn't be so overwhelming and I think you could get away with wearing it with more types of outfits.
  9. I don't have any colored bags besides a LV MC but that blue is sooo pretty it's tempting. I'm on a ban now though so maybe one day.
  10. :wtf: I don't know how practical it would be, but that is one STUNNING bag! Do we really care if it's "practical"?

  11. What a beautiful color!!!!
  12. i love that bag and think it could be worn with a lot of different colors-black, gray, white, yellow, etc. it is really quite statement making. i saw it at Nordstroms a few weeks ago and the color is TDF in person. absolutely gorgeous!
  13. I think its beautiful. Here's another pic
  14. I think once you have your "staple choos"
    Dark bag, light bag etc and a nice handbag budget - then add color. But if money is a concern and/or you're not already well stocked with your staples I would hold off. I would associate it with the season it came out with and it could get dated down the road.
  15. I too have had the same confusion over this bag. Bottom line I do always come back to it. I see it as one of those bags now and down the line that you can want pop your look with some color. Such as with a red bag and a red bag never goes out of style. I personally do not just love a bag for a season but forever. I could honestly love this bag forever and will be getting it soon. I do have to agree that you may want to get your staples first then add this for color. I think it's gorgeous and I have used some of my bags with colors that are from past seasons and still get those compliments and aww looks. So don't worry I think you will get plenty of use out of this bag.