How Practical is the Ciao?

  1. Hi. I'm trying to decide between a Ciao and a Zucca (in Spiaggia). I'm 4'11" tall, so I think the Zucca might be too big. Then again, the Ciao could be too small. I already have a Bambione... I'd like something that fits more comfotably on my shoulder. So, How much does a Ciao hold? What do you think is the shortest length that the strap could be adjusted to? Is it comfortable worn on the shoulder, or is it a crossbody bag? Will it hold a Denaro (with room to spare)? Opinions? Reccommendations? Thanks!
  2. Well, I'm the same height as you and I prefer the Bella -- of all styles of bags. The Zucca looks HUGE and I don't have one..but I have a feeling it's just going to be too big if I get one. The Gioco is a pretty good style to have because it can fit alot and it folds so it looks smaller...but it's not that easy to navigate. Idk about the Ciao, in one of bubblesung (Stephiee's) posts, she shows it on her and it looks kinda big for a small bag haha...unless that was a Ciao Ciao...then I can see why it was so big. But yeah...just my lil two sense, sorry if it didn't help, lol.

    ....oh crap, did you say Spiaggia? OK now you have to strike everything I said because apparently they do'nt make Bella Spiaggia's...well not that are out yet. Hmm. Idk, maybe Ciao would be better judging by height.
  3. I'm 5" soooo if you want pic references I took some a while back when I was super board :lol: no pics of a zucca yet tho altho I should :sneaky: maybe later tonight if you'd like

    I have both a ciao and a zucca... the ciao will hold the denaro w/ room to spare... here's a few pics of my ciao


    oh yeah I think the zucca is kind of big but my bf assures me it looks fine. :shrugs:
  4. Thanks, Jessaka! I'd probably prefer a Bella, except that it doesn't come in Spiaggia, at least not yet :sad:.
    Still have to decide about the Ciao...
  5. Thanks for the pictures, tehlilone!
  6. Yeah, it's kinda crappy that they dont make bella spiaggia. Are you buying from Pulse or you waiting til they have them in the store? I say if you're not sure about a style, go to the store and try each style out...unless you lesportsac doesnt have zucca...haha so much complications!
  7. if u want a bag to carry just the essentials...a ciao is perfect for it =) I really love this bag because its small enough and the bag's shape is slim so it won't get in your way...Zucca is wayyyyy big but completely you're talking about a HUGE price if u like big bags, get a zucca..looks great, def. will fit everything if u dont mind lugging around a big bag...ciao is perfect though for going out..can be worn on your shoulder, strap is adjustable, can be worn across the body!

    but here's some pix to give u some reference..i'm 5'1" btw...

    [​IMG] (this has nothing inside it..just to show how it looks with the flap folded over)

    (this shows my bag in use...i like to carry it the longer way since i put a lot of stuff into the larger pocket and all my flat stuff along the long zippered side pocket..i like how its really thin so the bag won't get in the way

    closer shot of it..

    and here's what i put in my a camera and my mints which i finished off haha =)

    even though its big, it doesn't really get in the way..well at least it doesn't bother me =)

    hope that helps u decide!
  8. Jessaka: As far as I know, there's not a lesportsac store in my area. Our Macy's could have a few Tokidoki items, though I'm not sure how great the selection would be.

    Thanks for the pictures, bubblesung!
  9. Thanks for the pics! I didn't realize you could carry the Ciao without it being folded over. Looks great on you!
  10. Great photos, tehlilone and bubblesung! Definitely gives an idea of size and how much the bags can fit. I really like the look of the ciao worn long but I'm such a packrat I need a bigger bag... ugh!
  11. wow great pictures!!

    cciele: how about a ciaociao???:graucho: