How practical is Ludlow wallet?

  1. I am sure there are a lot of tPFers own this wallet. How do u like it? Is it practical? I am thinking of getting it because sometimes a regular size wallet is too bag to fit in a small bag. I usually just put my credit cards and bills in my damier card holder when I use small bags. Is it a good idea to get the Ludlow? Do you put the bills in the coin pocket?
  2. I like my Ludlow and use it every day.
    As you said, in the coin pocket, I just put bills there, no coins.
    I don't want to stretch it out, so right now, in my wallet I have my DL, ATM card and a Visa. In the coin pocket, it's cash.

    (OT: I hate owing money! Driving me nuts. Behind my DL is $20 that I owe Ms. Joie and Ms. MJ from the last tPF meet at lunch.
    So the next time I see them for a tPF meet, I will need to buy them a HUGE dessert!)
  3. I have one in the mono line and I am going to get one in vernis now. I only carry my debit card, id and a few bills so it is perfect. I love it
  4. I am jumping in here, but I also had a question about the Ludlow. Do you use it for everyday?
  5. Not very, if you only carry a couple of cards and no cash, then it'll be fine. Otherwise, you have to fold your money up 3 times and there isn't a coin space.
  6. That's pretty much how I use mine, if I'm using a smaller bag and not my BH or saleya, then I put my essentials in the ludlow. I have a silver vernis one. I think its perfect for the essentials, plus it helps keep clutter out, b/c as soon as I use my bigger purse or wallet, I don't know how, but somehow I end up with tons of extra stuff I don't even need. haha.:p
  7. I have a ludlow that i use everyday. i put my cards in it (i dont have to many) and in the coin slot i put some bills no coins.
  8. Thanks! Sounds like some love it and some don't. Maybe I should check out the real product and see how much I love it. :smile:

    Thanks LvBabyDoll for finding all the previous postings re: the ludlow! :idea:
  9. No problem!
  10. not the biggest wallet, but too cute!!
  11. I have the MC Ludlow and just love mine. There is room for about 4 credit cards, 2 on either side w/o stretching the canvas. I don't carry much cash on me but do have a few coins in the coin pocket. If you have alot of cards you might want to consider a bigger one, but this is perfect for small purses.
  12. I don't have one but saw it IRL. I feel it would be the perfect everyday wallet if you don't carry a lot. Since you are using it for a smaller bag, I think it would be perfect!! :tup: