How practical is Box/Evercalf

  1. I just lovelovelove this leather... but just wondering how practical it is as I have 2 little ones ?

    I know you can't have it outside in the rain, scratches easily. How are you experiences overtime with this leather?
  2. the reason I ask is that I have this beautiful evercalf Birkin, but afraid to use :crybaby:
  3. I have a wallet in box and it keeps getting new scratches. I know on this forum tons of people love box when its all beaten up "well loved". I've always been a little afraid becuase I love my things to look perfect. I think its just a matter of taste, there is something very chic about having a birkin well loved, like you dont feel the need to baby it.
  4. Thanks ReneH, I'll just take the plunge.... and stop being afraid... and start using it today
  5. hkloosterman, I recently got to see a Kelly in ebene evercalf in the store - that was the first time I got to see & feel evercalf IRL & let me tell you, I love love love this leather! :heart: If the SA hasn't told me, I would have mistaken it as barenia ebene. It feels like a softer version of box. As with most smooth leathers, scratches may show easily as compared to textured leathers, but they will blend in with a beautiful patina in time. I say enjoy your beautiful bag in her full glory!!! :yes::heart:
  6. hkloosterman....I understand how you feel! But there's nothing more chic than a Box calf bag that's been well-loved, lived in and been "around the block" a couple of times!!!!

    Don't be afraid........just enjoy that bag and all the scratches, bumps, rubs and boo-boos it gets. It only adds to its patina!!!!
  7. thanks gigi, I saw evercalf once and was never able to get it out of my head:smile:, & s'mom for easing my mind.
    I'm going to use those pretty bags!!!
  8. As long as you don't drag it across the floor and put stickers on it a la Jane Birkin, I am sure your box Birkin will age gracefully and in style and will look better and better and better!
  9. No stickers, unless my kids do so :smile:
    well here I go, i'm not sure about the colorcombination, maybe I should change dress? I need the stole as it is a bit chilly outside.
    evercalf&m2II.jpg evercalf&me.jpg
  10. hk, i know you will rock whatever bag you get!!!:smile:
    Box is gorgeous, go for it!!
    love your outfit, and your gorgeous hair, keep the stole on,it looks elegant:heart:
  11. You look great!!! Wear it in good health!
  12. Perfection!!!!
  13. Thanks for your kind words raz96, toodulloo(how is your red bag :smile:) and Smom.