How practical is a Vernis Agenda?

  1. I went to LV today and put a Framboise small ring agenda cover on hold. I've wanted something from the Vernis line in this color for some time now. I've been looking for agendas, but how practical is a Vernis agenda? Since it's such a delicate leather, that requires careful handling, should I just forget about the Vernis and get a different agenda cover? Any insight would be great. :flowers:
  2. I have a vernis agenda and love it. I am not careful with my things, either.
  3. The SA at Saks looked at my bag I was carrying today that had green satin lining, and she said that could color transfer to the leather also. I thought only printed materials transfered.
  4. if you're going to use it everyday, it may not be such a good idea to get a Vernis agenda. the Vernis leather requires a lot of care, because it's extremely prone to scratches, scuffs and color transfers.
  5. I think I am too OCD to ever have a Vernis anything, but hopefully that won't be the case when I finally get a Reade PM in the future...
  6. Personally, I love vernis, but I chose an epi agenda because the thought of vernis in close proximity to any form of ink scares the heck out of me. I couldn't live with the worry of colour transfer from other gear in my bag, either. If you're really lusting for it, maybe you could keep it in the dustbag inside your bag?
  7. I've been contemplating the exact same thing! I really want a small agenda, and I wanted something with some color, so I thought vernis...but then, it's going to be inside my bag, might get banged up, and vernis is delicate sooo...I've decided against it.

    It would be too sad for me if it got messed up in my bag, and keeping it in the dustbag all the time would get annoying - I'd have to get it out of my bag AND out of the dustbag every time I wanted to write something in it.

    I'm waiting for the damier azur line now...hopefully there'll be a small agenda and I will love it!
  8. if you're going to use it as an everyday agenda i'd carry it in the sleeping bag inside your handbag to prefect scratches and color transfer.
  9. I was thinking of a vernis agenda too but I know I would freak if something happens to it, which is very likely.
  10. Hm. My agenda is a vernis in Noisette, and It free-floats in my bag, and I've never had any problem with it.
  11. Well, I have a story about color transfer that you might want to consider:

    I had a Lexington and left it against a black leather bag instead of putting it in its dustbag. I didn't notice this for several days as I didn't use the Lexington often. When I went to get the bag, lo and behold, there was black transfer on the Lexington! :cursing:

    Horrors. So, it makes me wonder if you had a leather wallet and put it against the agenda, what might happen?

    Good luck.
  12. Well, my wallet is the cerises zip, so I wonder if the cherries screen print would transfer? I guess if I do get it, I'll keep it in the dustbag, when carrying it. I would like to have the white MC one, but an Hermes one is cheaper.
  13. I think LV against LV is safe. (But I'm not certain.) The leather bag I had was a Coach one. It made me sick to look at that Lexington after that! ARG.

    Definitely ask, at LV, if the cerises pattern could possibly transfer onto vernis!
  14. Wow. That color transfer story is intense... I do keep my indigo vernis small agenda in its cover inside a bag where I think there might be a chance of color transfer. When I get to work, I take it out and sit it on my desk where I can look at it and use it for fun appts. all day... Vernis is high maintenance, but so exciting...
  15. I've been using my framboise agenda everyday as a wallet and it's totally fine, even been kinda smooshing it into pochettes and no problems, scratches, etc. I would def. be more careful with perle but I am VERY impressed with this little agenda!:love: