how popular was the quilted chanel backpack back in the days?

  1. was it the coco cabas of now?
  2. Not sure ... do you have any pics?
  3. It was super popular (at least in my crowd). i had a choice to get rims for my car or the Chanel backpack and I got it don't regret it at all. I'll post pics when I get home.
  4. I have the red backpack from the 90' was very in back then!
  5. that's what i thought...i wonder if one day we would ever look at the coco cabas the same way we look at those little backpacks years down the road.
  6. I still see people with the chanel back packs, not sure if all of them are real though. I bought a quilted one from the sport collection last year, but returned it because it felt so collegy student days. Remember when everyone carried the prada backpacks as well!
  7. It was very hot but the style dies out. I think Coco Cabas will suffer the same fate.
  8. that's what i'm afriad of as well.
  9. Here is a pic of my red backpack in the center.
    IMG_0551.jpgchanel family.jpg
  10. ^I love that backpack!! But I wonder.. what clothes to pair with that lovely backpack?? I was tempted to buy a black one over Y! auctions HK before!
  11. I don't think so.

    Those backpacks were kind of bizarre. It was part of the 'grunge' look, when many wanted to dress down and have the practicality of university students. It looked very odd to my eyes then, as it does now.

    The Cabas shape has been around a long time (just not as oversized.) Bottega Veneta had Cabas style bags in the very late '70s/early '80s and I wanted one more than anything. They were the coolest thing! I did manage to buy a Bottega that was a bit smaller and more practical, and I loved it so much. I've been buying soft, U-shaped, slouchy, hobo style bags for years.

    ETA - Chanel probably makes the only elegant backpack, but it's till hard to wear.
  12. Backpacks were not just for students but also for young mothers, busy businesswomen and those who want both hands free. LV still makes backpacks these days.

    For the Cabas, IMO, it's obviously trendy. The bag was on runway. So, it became hot bag. Let look at the original Cabas. With the size that big in leather, it must be real heavy. How can it be carried on the shoulder comfortably? Is it too big to carry as hand held? Imagine walking around with a bag almost hit the floor? Isn't that more bizarre?

    The bigger the bag, the more things people throw in. How can they conveniently find thing in a bag that deep with such a small opening?

    Impractical, inconvenience and too much strain put on the shoulder, eventually, the style will die out. Let wait and see.
  13. i think i saw one woman carrying a backpack once but that's IT. in contrast, i see the cabas EVERYWHERE. so my inexpert opinion tells me the cabas is more popular but that doesn't mean it will look dated in 10 years.
  14. there are tons of these backpacks showing up on eBay so I'd guess they were hugely popular during their time
  15. The backpack rocked and they were considered quite elegant at the time so I disagree with you Jayne1....there was nothing bizarre about them where I lived.