How popular is the baby stam???


Apr 17, 2006
Hello Ladies, it's been a while since i ventured back into the MJ forum.

It's fall winter and i've started using my putty stam recently and found myself falling in love all over again with this pretty bag.:P :heart: :love:

I am thinking of buying the baby / little stam and was wondering if anyone of you here has it already? Want do you think of this bag? Is it too heavy for a casual (wanna be lazy) day? :shame:

What can you fit inside? Does the chain get in the way alot? You know since it's a sling only bag .... :confused1:

I have the topaz and the black little one on hold for me at the store. Help me decide!
I don't have a baby Stam, Luna, but I think they are so cute. I've just ordered the normal Stam and am already thinking I need a baby. Thanks for posting pics. I love the Topaz colour.
I love the baby stam! I don't have a (regular) stam either..But I love the smaller size...More bags that I want though before the baby....Hopefully someday it will be in my closet !!! Thanx for the pics! Beautiful! :heart: Emmy
I think it's adorable and you shouldn't care how popular it is. If you love it, get it. I don't have it but I was very tempted to get it... Had it in my hands and I was scrutinizing it for a while. I think it's more of a going out bag... not for everyday use. Since I've never used it, I can't give you a review of the weight, but it can't be nearly as heavy as the classic stam. For a small bag it looked like it could hold quite a bit. It could definitely fit a credit card holder, keys, cell phone, compact, and lip gloss. All you really need for a night out!
The baby stam is so cute! I love mine.

To me it is a more dressy type of purse, I guess b/c of the chain and mine is the icy black. And it is heavy. A friend picked mine up the other day and could not believe that I could wear it comfortably...but I can. I don't really notice the weight.

I can fit my blackberry, compact, LV Tikal pochette that I use as a wallet, lipstick and my camera. It actually fits quite a lot for such a cute and small bag!

It is a beautiful bag. You should get it Luna!!
Yes, the baby stam is so cute. I have not held one IRL and i'm afraid it may be too heavy for grab and go lazy days. I'm still trying to find the perfect one. I'll drop by the store and try it out. Will keep you guys posted!

Thank you everyone for your kind advice!
I bought this season's Little Stam in black, it's not too heavy (definitely lighter than the regular Stam). Many people consider it as an evening or going out bag, you can use it on days when you don't carry a lot with you as well.

Get it if you love it, it doesn't matter if it's popular or not. Note that Topaz doesn't like those pictures shown on eluxury at all.
Personally, i like the baby more than the regular. it's ALOT lighter than the normal stam, and in my opinion much more versatile. I'd definitely wear it on a 'dressed down' day just with jeans and a tshirt, but i tend to dress up much more than others. I don't own it YET, but it's one that's on my list :smile: Go for itttt!