How popular is Bottega Veneta?

  1. I know BV was granted a subforum which means it's a well used brand, but how popular is BV with the general consumer?
  2. I don't think BV is as popular as other brands like LV, Chanel, etc. But I do think that it's getting more popular. I remember when I bought my woven hobo/messenger 4-5 years ago, you barely see people walking with BV or talking about it. Now, people are knowing it more and you also see once in a while a "copycat" woven leather bag in some shops or people.
  3. I've never seen it in any of the mags like Elle .. but maybe I just havent noticed it or something XD

    I personally never heard of it until I came onto this forum.
  4. BV is definitely gaining in popularity... Sometimes I wish it stayed "anomymous", which means there won't be fakes. Good thing is, the fakes will never look like the real thing (unlike the triple-A replicas of LV, etc.) because the leather is so good. A friend told me that Mainland China manufactureres of fake bags decided against making "mirror image" (AAA) bags because the cost is too high. So horaay for that.
  5. In the UK, there has been s certainly more magazine coverage over the last few years. Not sure how much of this relates to higher ad vertising budget from BV. I really think Tomas Maier made the brand more popular, esp.with younger feminine clothing.
  6. The price range alone will keep it less popular than some other brands. virtually every fashion mag I read features at least one BV in their issues. and BV is doing more mainstream advertising than previously.

    I agree with ebruo that Tomas Maier has taken the brand forward a great deal.
  7. I think of it as an elite brand. One step below Hermes..(?) I read in another thread that the leather that BV uses is supplied only to Hermes and BV, no one else.
    It's a lux brand for those in the know - and for those that don't need monograms to announce their style.

    I think it's more classic and timeless than other lux brands too. I was talking about it with my SA at NM, I told her all the bags I have and went through - and how now I wanted a BV bag. She said that it just meant that my tastes had matured - I was interested in classic style now, not trends.

    It's sophisticated and not for everyone, but that's what I like about it.
  8. well said beauxgoris....i like the fact that BV is still not as widely known. I think it adds to its allure....that's the whole reason I started liking BV in the first place - only those that really "know" what it is can truly appreciate it.
  9. i agree with the others... i love BV because it is so classy and not too well known.
  10. Bottega is gaining prominence undeniably. Its main appeal lies in the ethos of "not in your face" products which are exquisitely crafted and unassumingly luxurious. What more can you say when the slogan states "When your own initials are enough".

    Personally, I think Tomas Maier is a genius in respect to what he has done for the house of BV. He has certainly injected much vigour to the understated label. Incidentally, Maier previously spent eight years at Hermès.
  11. the price is probably the main reason that slowed it's popularity. actually not as popular as some other brand makes me feel more comfortable wearing it, just like all my b-bags, my love is to the quality, not the logo.
  12. reminds me of a funny story.

    last year me and my friends travelled to Prague. one night i didn't feel very well instead of going out, i stayed in the hotel my friends went out and one of them ended up getting robbed and one didn't (they were together). the girl who got robbed was carrying LV and the one didn't was carrying a BV. she told me the robber looked at her "ugly grandma woven bag" without even bother to touch it and immediately went for the LV:sweatdrop:

    well, apparently that's one heck of a BVless robber;)
    if i was there, i'd probably be safe w/ my b-bag too~:p
  13. ^^^ That is down right comical - "ugly grandma woven bag" :roflmfao: Goes to show the "elite" ness of BV. Thanks for sharing!
  14. i like ur story, yujiumao! I love BV for its understated-ness and timeless quality as well! I don't think anyone I know has one... most people I know carry lv, gucci, or prada if they are into designer bags.
  15. I read from a magazine before that BV is one of the brands that won't give free bags to celebrities. That's why you don't see a lot of celebrities carrying BV compare to Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Balenciaga, etc. And this might be the reason that it is not as popular as those brands. I agree that prices of BV is one of the main obstacles that make the brand not so popular.

    After all, I really love this brand as it's timeless and classic.