How Popular is a Diamond Peace Sign Pendant?

  1. On my way out of an event the other evening, I stopped to talk to two very trendy and well-dressed acquaintances and noticed they both were wearing diamond peace sign pendants! One's was all in white gold, the other's was in white and yellow. Neither one was very large. (I know both women and their husbands and I have no doubt both were authentic.) I just thought they were so lovely, and so cool!

    Now, I'm wondering... how popular are these? Is this a new trend? A passing trend? I happen to own a white gold diamond circle pendant. Should I even be thinking about a diamond peace symbol? Should I go for one in CZ's, wear it through the summer for kicks and be done with it? Are they wearing diamond peace symbols where you live?
  2. i have never seen it and it's not something i can imagine myself being attracted to (never say never right?) but if your in love go for it. I detest CZ, but to me this sounds like a 'try before you buy' case and get a CZ if you are still in love after 6months or so get a diamond one made.
  3. Never seen them on anyone around here. Not thinking it would be my style, though. Maybe a little peace sign on a t-shirt or something, but for my jewelry, I prefer traditional designs.
  4. Peace never goes out of style. I've seen several in the University town nearest here.
  5. My mystery has been solved! The tiny diamond peace sign pendant is from Roberto Coin's Tiny Treasures Collection! Now I can sleep at night.:noworry:
  6. :heart:Roberto Coin!
  7. RC's tiny treasures collection is fairly affordable (esp for genuine diamonds w/ such high quality). The peace sign is very cool and, I believe, timeless. I just bought myself the RC diamond star necklace or I'd be interested in the peace sign as well. :yes:
  8. So are you going to get one? :graucho:
  9. Me? HECK YEAH! I ordered it from an online jeweler yesterday afternoon! Should arrive sometimes this week. I just hope it falls nicely on my neck. I know this sounds dumb, but some 18" necklaces look & feel fine and some others fit just a bit too tight. (I'm not a skinny little thing anymore, :sad:.)
  10. You should be fine. It's delicate but not flimsy.
  11. If you want to have the length adjusted a little a jeweler can do that for you. I have all of my necklaces fitted with an "o" ring so I can wear them a little longer or shorter depending on my neckline for the day. It costs next to nothing to have this done.
  12. Leelee, you're so smart. Thank you!!
  13. how cool! glad you ordered it. speaking of this diamond peace sign pendant, today was the first day of summer school and i saw some girl wearing a peace sign pendant...couldn't tell if it was bling but i totally thought of this thread
  14. I bought a peace sign pendant in cz's like 6 years ago after I saw Jenn Aniston wearing one on Friends. I don't really wear it anymore but it's definately still popular. I see women wearing them all the time down here.