how popular and practical are the mini pouchettes?

  1. can it be used as a cosmetic bag?
  2. yes. the bags fit nicely in larger purses such as the tivoli or bh.
  3. I find them really handy because I take a BIG bag to work and then can grab the pouchette for lunch or a starbucks run. It makes it a lot easier.
  4. how much can the mini one fit? i like the size of the regular pouchette but i prefer the metal chain on the mini.
  5. yeah that's exactly what i wanted it for too, i've been using my neverful as a work bag but i find it hasn't got enough pockets to keep my stuff organizd, and also when i go out for lunch i only need to take a credit card and keys and such, so i was thinking the pouchette would be a good solution, so you think the mini can fit all those stuff?
  6. I use mine as a cosmetic/misc. bag when I'm using a smaller purse. I can also use it by itself for quick errands, fits my cell, keys, cash and cc's perfectly.
  7. i think it could, they fit alot. i hold my camera sometimes in mine and other times i use it like a wristlet
  8. Its about the size of a Coach wristlet, but wider. HTH
  9. I can hold two of my digital cameras at a time.
  10. Of my LV accessories...the mini pochette and my checkbook holder get the most use.
  11. YES I love mine. In fact, I clip it inside my bags to hold all my lipglosses, and remove it to use as a small bag for going out! It's perfect for that, and I actually prefer it to the regular pochette!
  12. I love mine. One of the best LV accessories I own, and a great price too. Here's what fits inside mine

  13. i use mine as a cosmetic bag.
  14. i sued mine as a wallet in my jean back pocket..:tup:
  15. You could also use a Purseket (Large) with the Neverfull MM to organize your things.