How picky are you with expensive purses?

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  1. Hi all,

    I need advice. I just bought a Spy in Cognac from NM last week. I just noticed on the handle (the little part that opens up), the Fendi logo is not stamped correctly. The "D" and "I" kind of blend together, and the "I" is not stamped as strong as the rest of the letters.

    I know that no one will see it when I carry it, but what if I decide to sell it later on? Will that cause a problem?

    I'm thinking of calling NM to see if they can find me another one. The problem is, this was a tough bag for them to find. Am I being too picky?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!
  2. By the way, I tried to take a picture of it, but I can't because I need to get super close, and my camera won't focus that close.
  3. That's a very unique problem... You should exchange it! Even if you decide not to sell it, wouldn't the defect always be in the back of your mind?

    Hmm.. what a weird case.
  4. You would never believe how picky I am. I would ask for a new one. Even when I purchase a leather bag, if there is even a minor mark in the leather I will look for another, always pick the bag that makes you the happiest. I think SA's run when they see me comming.
  5. I have ordered purses on line, and have gotten fakes. The number one thing I would notice is the inconsistency of the stamping, and the poor stamping quality. I would say that a real designer would never let that pass, and I would quickly return it. (This is how I learned the hard way). So now, I only will order from NM, Saks, BG and reputable site you guys have mentioned.

    I'm surprised to see this on a $2000 bag. And, serendipity, now that you mention it, the leather is bothering me too. It's all blotchy. I know that's the "personality" of the bag, but I like consistency.

    Thanks for your posts!
  6. I am EXTREMELY picky. When I bought my LV wallet from the LV boutique last weekend and noticed that the interior leather had a very distict scratch, I took it right back an hour later and requested a new one (they complied without question). My friend actually encouraged me, saying that for that kind of money, that wallet better be perfect.

    And in the broader sense, for a very expensive item, it has to be practical for me, comfortable to use, have enough space inside, etc. It has to be very usable as well as beautiful. Which is why I sold my MJ Blake (too heavy) and why I won't buy the Trouville I want so much (can't wear it hands free). Alas.

    If I were rich, I might be a little more forgiving.
  7. I know what you mean. This bag is so cute to me. I don't know how practical it could be...maybe I should get black so I can use it more for work. But the cognac is a beautiful color!

    Well, we'll see if they can find me another one. If not, maybe it was not meant to be for me and Spy?! ha ha!
  8. I think you should take it back. It's one thing if it was a superficial scratch since it'll eventually get a scratch or two. But the stamping would bug me in the long run... Especially if you're considering re-sale value.
  9. Addicted, that's a good theory--about it not being meant to be. And you never know, they might be able to find you one since it's more of an "exchange"... I need to go to NM today to see if they'll take back my "defective" Felix Rey--I hope I don't have a hard time!
  10. Jep, complain and get a new one..
    Money don´t grow on threes, not to mention come for free. If you buy something (or from a designer brand) you should always get what you pay for...

  11. So here's an update. They're looking for a new one for me. If they can't find one, I can bring it back, and they'll send to Fendi to replace the little part. I'm good with that! We'll see what they find.

    I always consider resale value. I know in a couple years I might consider selling it for the latest and greatest!

    I started out with Coach (when in college) and I've been able to sell all of them for at least half. Even if they were used on a daily basis! I take good care of my purses though. But nevertheless, I was pleased to find out people actually buy used bags!
  12. No way I'd keep it with all of the replicas around I want perfection...hey that is what we're paying $2000 for...perfection. Take that back to NM and wait. Noriko had trouble with a spy as well and finally got the issue resolved.
  13. I don't think your too picky AT ALL. I would certainly take it back and have them locate another one and have it sent to the store.
  14. They should take it back. Repaired is not as good. Don't settle because they are hard to find. That's how these stores get away with offering inferior goods. They think people won't bring it back because it took to long to get.
  15. I usually not picky at all hahaha I am really not picky, I usually have faith in designer's work. However,if your's have so many imperfections and you are not happy with it then maybe you should go to the store and ask them to do something about it.