How picky are you, when buying new bag/slg?


Sep 15, 2019
Maybe because I'm more of a zero waste type of person, I'm avoiding plastic packaging, have my own reusable bags for groceries etc and I'm trying not to attach to "items " I still like quality products. I'm willing to pay more for something timeless that will serve me for years. Paying 3k for bag I have expectations but I don't really think I'm picky. I'll look at the bag or slg to look for obvious imperfections but I would never return because of things like not ideal symmetry or tiny spot on leather tab etc. That's just me, how picky you are? :smile:

Btw. No offense, just sharing my opinion and curious about others :smile:


Feb 2, 2009
London, UK
I am really picky but I am someone who considers resale value when I buy as I do like to turnaround my items if they end up not working for me. Also if I bought a Neverfull, for example, I would probably want to replace it with a newer model 2-3 years later as I just don’t like it when my bags get really tatty and used. So I will consider whether I will be able to sell that bag further down the line. I know lots of people hate the thought that someone considers resale when they buy but I only keep a small (around 4-5) collection of purses/bags so I have to be choosy.
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Sep 3, 2013
I'm selective when it comes to deciding to buy something; I like and admire many bags, but only purchase what I love and often spend days comparing it to everything else that's out there to ensure I truly want it. Once I know I want it though, it's game over. Anything under a couple of millimeters is not getting noticed.


Sep 9, 2020
It depends on the price, if I get a good deal I'm not so picky, but for full price I want a product that delivers as promised, we already pay a premium for the brand in most cases. However, I try to get about 80% of my purchases preowned, so I'm with you on the whole zero waste approach and I'm not so picky with second-hand items, they should fit the general description but I'm not going to make a fuss about one more scratch on the back.


Feb 27, 2015
I think I'm more picky about wear when I buy preloved than perfection when I buy new. I think if it effects the use or wear and tear of the bag then it's more important to me. Otherwise, I think minor imperfections are not a big deal, and I'd rather keep and enjoy than have the stress of trying to catch the elusive "perfect" item.
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May 4, 2010
Sunny Florida
I would say I am moderately picky lol. I used to be super perfectionist, noticing every detail but this was taking away from my enjoyment of stuff. I would worry so much about "damaging" an item from normal wear and tear that I wouldn't use it or I would be anxious the whole time wearing it. Nowadays I don't stress as much. As long as it is in good condition when I buy it (no obvious damages or flaws) I have accepted that there will eventually be wear and tear. Certain things I used to obsess over I don't even care anymore.
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Apr 22, 2011
the city
Unless the flaw is very obvious, I'm okay with it. I hardly ever scrutinize my bags and they've all turned out fine. But, I also prefer when my things are "worn-in" because I think it gives it character. I don't have a huge collection and I only buy 1-2 bags a year, so I buy things to use. I figure that they'll have normal wear and tear in no time.
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Aug 26, 2017
Austin, TX
I'm not terribly picky. I'm anal about how I handle my bags and tend to baby them but I'm less anal about how they arrive to me. This makes no sense, I know. Major/obvious flaws are an issue but I can live with minor imperfections.


Obsessed and in LoVe
Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
For the ever-increasing prices, I expect pretty near to perfect. By that I mean no issues with stitching, glazing, scratches on hardware, etc. I would absolutely return for those reasons. A tiny lack of symmetry, no, I wouldn't.

I've had generally positive experiences with LV over the years, fortunately. My only real negative experiences were firstly with a hot-stamped piece purchased online, which I had to return for a replacement because the stamp was smudged and very messy. They didn't argue with that when I sent photos of the item. The other occasion was with a wallet which had poor glazing -- it split open after a matter of weeks of extremely light use, and then again in exactly the same spot shortly after a repair. The manager I dealt with tried to tell me that I may have overstuffed it or not taken proper care of it, which was not the case. I had to tell him that I'd owned much less expensive wallets for years and had never experienced anything like that. There's really no excuse. After contacting their headquarters I eventually received a refund, and bought a different style of wallet which I've owned for seven years and have never had any issues with.

My only gripe with LV is that sometimes they need to acknowledge that an item is faulty. It happens. It's not a big deal, as long as they stand behind their products and offer a replacement where appropriate instead of making excuses and attempting to place blame on the customer.
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Feb 23, 2016
I am very "picky" when buying a handbag. If I find anything I do not like about one I will not buy it, even if it is a minor issue..