How People Dress in Milan & Paris ...

  1. How do the the women dress in Milan & Paris?
  2. I was there in May and I noticed a lot of the women wore Leather jackets with jeans and boots.
  3. In May? :-s
  4. Yep. I was in Milan for a day and it was raining then. The winds were rather strong and it was very cold (at least, it felt cold to me- someone who lives in a country where it is 30 degree celcius everyday)
  5. I wear skinny/slim jeans and I find that during my trip to the States [mostly the suburban areas], quite a number of people found that odd. I also pair them with a lot of loose off-the-shoulder tops, or wear hoodies, babydoll-ish tops with high belts, etc. It seems all those things seem rather odd here. I'm going to be there for quite a while and don't want to bring too many things I won't end up wearing ... neither do I want to look too much like an awkward tourist.
  6. You could check out the sartorialist blogspot. He posts photos of sylish men and women from NYC, Milan, Paris, etc.
  7. Beautiful! Thank you!!! :smile: