How pathetic am i?


sofa king sexy!
Jun 8, 2008
i was out for lunch with my friend today and i was driving dow and then i saw a woman in the parking lot getting out of her car with a carly and i stopped the car in the middle of the road(?, the thing that connests all the stores, is that even a road?) since there was noone behind me and i just stared at the bag. my friend goes "why are we stopped?" and i said "look at that coach, its a large leather carly in parchment, i love that bag!" and my friend just sighed and most likely rolled her eyes ( i was too busy looking at the bag) then when i got home i turned the peoples court on and i saw a defendants bag strap and i said outloud omg isnt that some kind of coach? and sure enough it was a bleeker flap! so now my friend thinks i have some kind of "problem" but i know you girls will think im just normal


cat hoarder
Aug 23, 2006
This is where you come for sympathy and understanding---not to find out if you are "normal" or not, LOL!!!! My whole family thinks I am insane---my mother jumped all over me when I saw a stack of trashy celebrity gossip magazines on her desk, and commented that I couldn't believe she wasted money on that sort of crap. She said it was the same thing as me "wasting money" on designer bags. Uh, what?? Not even!


Coach, MJ or RM?
Dec 2, 2006
Normal , I am always checking out other peoples bag, I see them in the checkout line, nail salon , where ever. A girl at work loves Coach too and we are always talking about it, the only other one that really understands like Dooney.
Mar 12, 2008
Don't feel bad. I spent most of the day at the mall pointing out knock offs and replicas that people were carrying to my bestie whose only response was "And you can tell from first glance?"

To which I replied " I have a sixth sense."


Passion for Fashion
Apr 3, 2007
Yeah, you're definitely pathetic :rolleyes:. At least you don't bump into things because you're too distracted by checking out someone's bag (like me tee hee). My BF and friends tease me that I check out bags the way most people check out attractive members of the opposite sex. If my sweetie sees me doing a double take he knows what I'm oggling :graucho: