how paranoid would you be if you have this bag?

  1. imagine how many shining monkeys you gotta spray on this bag so you arent as paranoid! :wtf: :wtf:

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  2. it says it's out of stock. Which bag is it? Do you have any pics?
  3. I'm guessing it was a Natural Vachetta Bucket?
  4. I Love The Natural Vachetta.....It's So Beautiful!!! I Agree ~ Very Hard To Take Care Of ~ I Wonder How Even It Patinas?????
  5. i love the uneven patina-ing they can get. :smile: i'm sure it's just a bigger version of the panda cles. lol.
  6. :wtf: Wow...its...crazy...beautiful.....

    You need real courage to carry that one....I wonder how it will look after it ages a bit. Wow......
  7. Wow.. it's stunning.

    I'd probably never carry it though !!
  8. i would be too scared to use it.
  9. Yikes!

    If I had that bag, I wouldn't pay attention to anything BUT the bag! I'd be watching that the surface I'm setting it on is clean, that it touches absolutely NOTHING when I'm carrying would be a nightmare!

    It IS a very nice bag, though...
  10. this was available on eluxury?
  11. I don't think that I would ever feel secure enough to carry that ellipse outside of the house!
  12. I love the all-vachetta bags. They are absolutely stunning! :heart: :heart: Gorgeous. But I definitely wouldn't want to be caught in a sudden rainstorm while carrying it, lol. But it's beautiful to look at!
  13. yaaaugh! If I had that bag, I probably wouldn't even take it out of the dust bag!
  14. Gorgeous bag (I've seen an all-vachetta noe before)....but I would never use it. I'm too paranoid to buy a Lockit or an alma because of the bottom.