How Paddi-things change...

  1. It's funny. When I got my very first designerbag, my dearest Paddington :heart: , I was about to take care of it as possible as I can...rarely used it (could get dirty or something), nobody else had to touch it (could get dirty)....:roflmfao: fact...

    But meanwhile my "relationship" to this bag has make a completely change :yes: I nearly use it everyday and don't handle it with "too" much care anymore.

    It's become a bag that want's to be used :yes:

    The same with my Balenciaga.

    Only my 2 Chanels are still waiting for this moment to come...the moment to be handled "normal".

    I took me so long, because I always see them as so special and so precious...of course they are. At the same time, we're talking about handbags...bags to carry something around...

    It so funny and I have to laugh about myself thinking of all this...:girlsigh:

    What about you, girls? How long did it take you to treat your babies as normal as you can? Do you know, what I mean? :smile:
  2. Yes, yes...I saved stuff for weeks, months, etc...Now I use everything!!! :yahoo: It's a common phenomenon, you know it's "special" so you are saving it. It's like all the stories you hear about relatives that have passed away, and their closet was filled with stuff with the tags still on :sad: ...WEAR EVERYTHING!!!! Don't "save" it. It's fine to take good care of your things, but don't sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff! :graucho:
  3. Exactly, beanie, that's the point :yes:

    By the way, it's a waste of time waiting for "special" occasions. They'll never come as expected.

    I bought a little black Chanel particularly for the evening ....for having dinner, going to the theatre, exclusive events....none of these occasions happen up to now :shrugs:
    Maybe I should start with cinema or meeting friends :yes: ´
    Once you use it, you will always use it :yes:

    Good luck ;)
  4. I believe "Never save anything for a special occasion, that occasion may never come". So as much as I care and take care of my nice things I also treat them "normally".
  5. ooh yes, the first use of a new bag is really special and I usually plan a little trip for them ;) but with each wear I take a little tiny bit less care, and that is when I find I really enjoy using them, as who really wants to worry themselve silly everytime they carry a bag!!

    So I actually enjoy getting the first wear ritual out of the way!! ;)
  6. Me too! Once I get my new bag, i can't wait to get her out to play!
  7. I've been collecting some beautiful bags the past two years and they have not been used once! I'm so afraid they will get dirty or worn out that they sit in the closet. I had a friend over recently and showed her my bags and she couldn't believe they were just sitting there and what a waste it was. I came across this board and am slowly getting over my fears and am pulling them out to enjoy but it is hard - I'm taking baby steps!
  8. I only have one paddy right now and it did take me a little while at first, but since I'm on the road so much, I only take what I'm going to use (which is between 1-3 bags a trip) so my paddy ends up getting used - I get lots more pleasure out of admiring her on my arm than in her dustbag. :heart: Hee.
  9. I use my paddy as much as I can, it's quite versatile. I tend to look after my things anyway so it's not going to get battered unecessarily. :heart:
  10. Do know how I got over this? By buying LOTS of bags! With a hefty rotation they stay fresh looking and abstain from being too soiled.

    Besides...I needed a good excuse to buy buy buy!!!!!
  11. I like to think of everyday as a special occassion - cheesy I know - but if you think like that your bags tend to get used more, I know mine do!!!:nuts:
  12. My intentions are to use all my bags, then I get the one thats my absolute favorite that I carry for a month straight. During that time I still buy other bags and they just pile up, leaving unworn bags in the closet. Maybe I should not buy another bag until all bags have been used:shame:
  13. I've just bought my fisrt Chloé (and first designer handbag) and I'm just so worried about wearing it, I have it since 2 weeks and I didn't wear it yet. I'm really stressed because I don't want it to get dirty, don't want the padlock to scratch and such a long list of things!
    My boyfriend keeps telling me that's stupid after what I paid to don't wear it, I've been dreaming that bag for months and now that I have it it stays in my closet wrapped in its dustbag inside a box :sweatdrop:
    I feel reliefed because I thought it might sound crazy to others, I hope I will soon change my mind as it happened to you and I will really enjoy it and wear it as much as I can :yes:
  14. Choupi, you will enjoy it much as nearly all of us do, I swear...Sometimes it takes a little bit longer...that's ok ;) We're all about to make this first little step to take our babies out :yes:

  15. Thank you so much Taupy, you cheered me up :yahoo:, I hope I will soon take her out!:wlae: