How or where do I search for a chanel style #??

  1. Can someone please show me how to search for a chanel style #?? I got the style # from my SA, she told me to search for it infos online, but I dont have a clue on how to do it?? She was too busy with the sales, so I couldn't keep her on the fone. I need it asap. TIA.
  2. Usually you can get style number if you know the style, but not the other way around. In your case, you need to look at each post in reference library. Some posts let you see both style and style number. Then you can compare with style number you have.
  3. can you post a photo of the bag? One of us may have it and can give you the style #.
    I think it's the only way we can help you here.
  4. SA already gave her the style number. She needs more info on the style number she got. I guess that is her question here.
  5. ah, read it too quickly I suppose. Please just post the style # so we can try to help:yes: