How On Earth Is It Possible For Him To Do This!!!!! Is It Stolen Maybe??

  1. I have yet to buy a bag on eBay but I am tempted because I am looking for a Jumbo Brown Lambskin and simply cannot locate one anywhere! So I did a search on eBay for Brown Chanel bags and saw a Seller selling what appears to be a new Jumbo Hybrid Distressed Leather Flap Bag in Dark Brown with the $2,650.00 Chanel price tag attached. The Minimum bid was $2100 and the Buy it Now $2350!?! The bag does appear authentic but how on earth is he able to sell the bag for below retail? ?????
  2. Maybe it's past the return period and the seller needs the cash?
  3. Hmmmh? Good answer. Does it make a difference that this person appears to have an eBay store/ business and is not an individual selling her belongings?
  4. employee discount... or a friends&family discount from a dept store??
  5. wow, if you really want that brown bag and you found an authentic and "inexpensive" one on ebay, then I would grab it. BTW, you have a great Chanel collection. :drool:
  6. Maybe it was purchased before the increase but was already ticketed with increased price?
  7. I think he probably purchased it with the employee discount. I know Bloomie's employees get 20% off and sometimes and additional 20% off on top of that on one day a month.
  8. Not to mention, why on earth would anyone pay full retail and NOT get it from Chanel. If I buy on Ebay, it better be SUBSTANTIALLY less money than buying it at the boutique.
  9. If it is indeed authentic my dear and its below retail.. snag it!
  10. I am 99% sure that bag originally came out before the increase. If that is true, they likely didn't pay current retail for it (aka $2650+) and so they're willing to sell it at a lower price.
  11. well it's not surprising for some sellers to let go of their things below retail price, especially now that the prices for flaps have just increased and you'd probably think it's cheaper to buy from him/her than from the boutiques. if not, give him the benefit of the doubt that this person is really in need of funds and has to let go for that purpose or is covering the loss from sales of other items or something like that?
  12. Thanks ladies. Your reasoning and explanations all sound very plausible.
  13. Maybe it was gently used? I mean I say grab it too. I have only ever bought one bag on ebay - and LV multicolor and I got it for a steal because the seller said it had been gently used - it was in perfect condition and I wanted more to have as part of my LV collection rather than to wear it.

    Or like others have said, employee discounts, the person needs the money - or it was a gift that couldn't be returned but only exchanged?

    If the seller is reputable and you know the bag is real, go for it!!!

    Oh and I am still holding you to our wild shopping experience!! I keep coming up with new outfits to wear ... my latest is a pimped out white fur coat with thigh high leather boots, and huge diamond chain around my neck that Jacob will make for me ... it will be so big it will weign more than I do !!:p
  14. You can also ask the seller why they are selling and ask for a picture of the receipt -- that may make you feel better. From the receipt you can see what date they bought it or, if they don't black it out, how much they paid.
  15. Harley, I don't know if I could pull it off! :shame: BTW, the bag is new. The Seller has a few others bags that seem to have been purchased before the price increase so maybe,possibly, he is an employee, or has a source who is an employee...And interestingly enough, many if not most of the bags on ebay do not seem to be below retail. In fact a lot of them are marked up above the retail! :nuts: