how on earth do you work?


Nov 19, 2007
Sydney, Australia
this is another one of my 'eeeeep!' questions that im having run through my mind as im hoping to have kids in the next 2 years. :heart:

Ive heard all the awful 'i had morning sickness all day!' and 'i had morning sickness for 7 months' stories .... so my question is how do you work and have this dreaded sickness?

I work in advertising and i cant imagine having to do this job while vomiting.

What about meetings and client conversations and stuff? :s

Thanks gals! :heart:
Jan 18, 2008
For me, I had terrible 'morning' sickness that would come like clock work each day at about 3:30pm and last until about 10pm for about 3 months. I work full-time as a Sr. Research Analyst and luckily I was able to kinda squirrel myself away in my office for those hours when I didn't feel so hot. I did kept premium plus crackers in my drawer and lived on those. But somehow you just make it through, even though at the time you wonder how you will do it. Plus, many people once they find out your are pregnant kind of change their attitude towards you and seem to want to ensure you put your health first - at least that is what I have experienced in my work environment.

But I think each person is different and hence morning sickness is not the same for everyone. I have a good friend due 3 wks before me and she had no morning sickness whatsoever (lucky girl!). Whereas someone else due the same day as me, suffered terribly too. Luck of the draw, I guess. Don't let the sickness part scare you as I was terrified of being pregnant and it has not been bad at all (some days better than others but I know it will be worth it in the end when I finally get to hold my daughter).


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Nov 12, 2006
I had hypremesis and sadly had to quit work 3 months into my pregnancy. Luckily DH got a sizable raise at the same time, so we barely felt it. But keep in mind that I'm just one end of the spectrum.. many women have little to no nausea during pregnancy. A friend of mine worked 10+ hour days right up until her baby was born and didn't even flinch.


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I think working when you're preggers and suffering from morning sickness has an upside to it. The work keeps your mind off things. I have to say that if i weren't working i'd be one of those people who would dwell on how sick i was feeling, and would feel sorry for myself all the time and that would just make things even worse :s


Nov 15, 2007
My work hours are 9 am to 6 pm. I was perfectly fine at work but at 5-ish to 6 pm, my "morning" sickness would come and i'd feel nauseaous all the way till the next morning when it was time to go to work. Strange, but fortunate for my work, not so hot for my DH :smile:


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Jan 1, 2007
New Jerz formerly Philly
I really feel for women battling morning sickness and working. I had zero morning sickness with dd (now 4) and I'm 14 weeks now and have no morning sickness. I worked through my first pregnancy and am working through this one now. (I'm on lunch, as a matter of fact!) This prenancy has me feeling more run down, but not sick. That run down feeling sucks though! It makes me want to quit working at times, but then I feel guilty and lazy about stopping work now, so I hang in there.
Aug 14, 2007
Oddly enough, my "morning sickness" came in the late afternoon with both of my pregnancies so it didn't affect me at all. I actually felt great all day! I finished work and had time to get home and then it would hit me about 30 mins after being home. Thank God for that. I am a teacher so can you imagine leaving your class in the middle of teaching and running to the bathroom every so often? LOL!!


Nov 1, 2006
For me, it was most acute when I wasn't concentrating on anything. When I was busy or occupied it was unnoticeable.


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Mar 8, 2007
Lots of people don't have it, or don't have it very badly at all. Think of it like the days you drag yourself to work with a cold or a hangover because you don't want to use a sick day; it may be about that level of feeling sick. I had what I'd consider mild morning sickness for about a month. I felt carsick all day, starting around 10:30 - 11 am, but I never threw up, not one single time the whole pregnancy.
Dec 4, 2006
I think working when you're preggers and suffering from morning sickness has an upside to it. The work keeps your mind off things. I have to say that if i weren't working i'd be one of those people who would dwell on how sick i was feeling, and would feel sorry for myself all the time and that would just make things even worse :s
I agree with this. With my son, I was so sick all the time. The thing is, I was a Full Time student and had the luxury of laying around on the couch feeling sorry for myself when I wasn't in class. I kept thinking that there was no way I would be able to work.

This time, I haven't had the luxury of feeling sorry for myself or dwelling on the morning sickness. I have to chase a 2 year old around all day. I think it has helped because you are just forced to continue on with life.
Sep 25, 2007
I didn't have morning sickness either. I guess there is a big chance that you won't get it at all.

I got pregnant while I was in college, gave birth 1 month after graduation. I felt ok all the way through my studying besides I wanted to sleep all the time. But I could sleep a little while I was in class. I got the pregnancy mercy pass and loved it!:P Maybe you'll get it too... people love seeing others being pregnant, it's a delightful thing and they will forgive the morning sickness.


Sep 22, 2006
Everyone is so different, and there is no guarantee you will feel sick at all. I never felt sick at all with any of my 3 pregnancies, except occasionally in my last pregnancy if I coughed too hard or too long I would throw up.

I have a friend who stopped along the road every morning on her way to work and threw up and then she was fine for the rest of the day.

Another friend of mine had hyperemesis and had to be hospitalized.

So, there are women all over the spectrum and until you actually are pregnant you just cannot know whether you will be one of those who is never sick or one who is sick all the time!


Apr 30, 2006
Not everyone gets morning sickness. personally, the only thing I had was an awful gag reflex to toothpaste-brushing my teeth in the morning made me gag and vomit like mad! didn't matter what toothpaste I used, when i did it, nada! But, other than that, i had no morning sickness at all ever!


Feb 8, 2008
It totally depends on the woman and the pregnancy. I have plenty of friends who felt nothng but energized bliss for nine plus months and I hated them. :P Not really, but I was nauseated from less than a month pg through two weeks past my due date. Non stop. (I rarely threw up, though sometimes I wished I could because I though that mght make me feel better.) Luckily I didn't have too many client meetings and I think I only had to travel once the whole time. I spent a lot of time at my desk nibbling crackers and all things ginger. I worked from home as much as I could, and was happy my caseload at the time allowed that.

I'm not trying to discourage you, because even if you feel like crap, you will make it through. I think for most people, any MS clears up after the first trimester. Only the lucky few keep it all pregnancy long. Other issues can arise to wear you down, keep you in bed, but I've been enough of a downer for now.;)

You'll be fine, really!:flowers: