How old??!?!

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  1. How old should by daughter be (shes 14 now) when she starts carrying a purse????
  2. 14 year olds definitely can carry a purse IMO.
  3. Mine started when she went into 7th grade - at 12. It's a Baby Phat she picked out. My 10 year old carries one now and then if we are going to the mall or movies, something she got in Claire's.
  4. I think 14 is a good age. I started carring a bag when I started to need to hide my girly products in there.
  5. I definitely think a 14 year old can carry a purse!
  6. I got my first purse when I was eleven, but I started carrying one all the time when I was twelve or thirteen. Fourteen is definitely old enough!
  7. My Niece is 11 and has about 15 bags but they are all no name brands. When she turns 13 I am givng her a real gold and diamond birthstone ring and a real bag. Probably a Dooney. Right now she doesn't respect her bags yet and they are all thrown around, under the bed, etc so her Mom says she is not ready yet. I agree.
  8. I got my first designer bag (a Dooney) when I was fourteen, and I loved it. I also got a diamond pendent when I was her age (my birthstone too) and it's so important to me. Your niece is gonna love you :yes:
  9. I started carrying my purse everywhere around the time that I could drive. Before that, it was just something I carried if I was going out to dinner, mall, restaraunt.. etc. I think that 14 is a fine age.
  10. She's about 8th-9th grade, yes? Definitely old enough for a purse.

    If she's good at respecting her stuff ( or rather, the stuff YOU spent $$ on for her) and doesn't leave it underfoot like some teenage girls I know.. then perhaps something nice...

    Otherwise, yeah.. stick to Claires, Forever 21, Pacsun, Guess..there are LOTS of cute purses out there that are not "designer"... :yes:
  11. 14 sounds old enough to me....
  12. I didn't start carrying one until after college.
  13. It all depends on how much responsibility they can handle. If she's ready for one, then I say go for it. Just dont force it on her if she doesn't want one. Maybe something small like a wristlet to start with.
  14. Haha my answer will be when she can afford her own
  15. My daughter is 14 and never carries a bag. I have bought her a juicy which she has never used. None of her friends carry bags either. When she travels, she'll carry one of my gustto's on the plane. They are all somewhat sophisticated but it is not the thing to do for some reason:confused1: It's probably saving me a lot of money and I shouldn't complain. That day will come soon enough!! If I were to buy her a cool bag now, it would be an overnighter!!Sleepovers are important to them, and they need those!!:smile: If she wants a bag, get one!!!!!!