How old were your kids when u first took them to disneyland?

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  1. I am itching to take my 26 month old twins to disneyland, but my husband thinks they're still a little too young to enjoy it. I don't want to wait too long because we'll probably try to get pregnant again in the fall and I think I'd be too drained to go there pregnant when they turn three next janurary.

    So do you think that 2 and a half is too young to go? I think it might be fun to go right before I get pregggers again-- say in late August or maybe even September when kids are back in school.

    Oh and it's a 5 hour drive for us to get there, 1 hour plane ride if we fly.

  2. You may get a lot of different answers but to me, 2.5 is too young.
    *BUUUT* it depends on what you expect to get out of the trip.
    If you want to ride rides, 2.5 is really too young. If you just want out of the house and to see characters then it could be fun.

    They will get very tired very quickly though, so expect a lot of whining and maybe going back to the hotel for a nap or 2 everyday.
    Also Magic Kingdom is best for little ones but is by far the most crowded. If you can, go Mon-Thurs.
    We just got back from a 5 day trip on the 22nd.
    My twins are almost 4 and I still haven't taken them. We took my DD on her 4th birthday and that was borderline too young for us really.

    August will be too hot I think.
  3. I was just in DisneyWorld this past November and there were a lot of little ones there, many of whom were in the 2.5 age range. I think that if you are going to have a stroller with you it could be very annoying (the ones at the park, at least at DisneyWorld, are hugggge double wide instead of the "one behind the other" format they used to use when I was a kid) so they seemed a little hard to maneuver but still- think of all the adorable pics you will get to keep for a lifetime. I think they are old enough to get the general idea- as long as you keep the days at the parks short and don't expect to pack too much into each day.

    I would recommend going in Sept when kids are in school. I was there around Thanksgiving, which is apparently a less popular time of year, and it was much less stressful (less waits, etc.)- and I dont even have kids! I feel like August will be very very crowded.

    I say go for it! If you get pregnant it will be awhile before you have the opportunity to go again- I can only imagine how much more difficult a trip to Disney would be w/ three kids, one of whom is an infant! Have fun!!!
  4. With our older kids, we waited until they until 6 yrs so that they could ride the rides. We have gone every year since. Our littlest celebrated his first birthday in Disneyland.
  5. We took our youngest at six months (wouldn't advise that), and have gone once a year since she turned one. At two and three, she never really had any problems, and loved every ride, even things like Pirates of the Carribean. The key is staying at a hotel within walking distance or a quick shuttle ride so you can do an afternoon nap. In the park, there is a wonderful baby station with changing pads, nursing areas, high chairs, etc. They also have baby products for sale if you run out. I miss that mine are now too old to go in there; it's the most pleasant place! We're in Phoenix, so the drive there isn't a problem for our kids. (Yes, my family is Disney-crazy, so I am a little biased toward going often!)
  6. We took our daughter to Disney World for the first time when she was only 3 months old. LOL! Yeah, it was more for us than it was for her. Anyway, by the time she was 10, we had taken her 11 times. She enjoyed each and every trip. I don't believe there actually is a "too young" or "too old" when it comes to Disney.
  7. My son 's 1 st trip to Disneyland was when he was eight. Now that I have another little girl aged 6mths. I think it will be a while before we goes again. I think the best age to bring kids there would be after 5 years old coz they would be able to really enjoy and not stress out everyone, including themselves.
  8. I've lived in southern CA my whole life so Disneyland has always been a favorite pasttime of mine. I was only 1 week old the first time I went... that was 25 years ago... my crazy mother... I can't imagine even taking my 5 week old. But I'm itching to go!!!! I'm thinking we will most likely go around May. It's different for us though because we're only about 45 minutes away just to walk around because we have annual passes... I definately would be waiting until much older if it was a far trip that included flying etc.
  9. I also live in So Ca. and I'm about 30 minutes from Disneyland. We have annual passes so we are there at least once a month. I started taking my youngest when she was 5 months old. She loved it. She still does. Ever since she could say Disneyland (2 yrs old) she would let us know she wanted to go.
  10. My daughter was 2 and my son 7 the first time we went. She was great on the plane, I remember we colorered and read books. Once we got to the hotel she took a nap. The only trouble we had was some of the characters she was afraid of, some she loved.
  11. i first took my kids to disney world last dec. it was a 3+hrs flight from montreal to orlando. my eldest is 4 1/2yrs old and my second is 20months. to be honest, my younger one enjoyed the trip as much as his older sister. he even went on the kids goofy plane-coaster and didn't mind queuing for hours (we went for x'mas vacation). i was very surprised with my 20mths-old's patience and participation (he followed his sister and participated in the shows where kids can join dancing, etc).

    another thing is that my younger one naps 1hr/day and would nap in the stroller with no problems. i wouldn't have taken the kids to disney if we had to go back to the hotel every time my younger one needs to eat/sleep. one of my friend's daughter would only nap in pitch black, no noise condition, so when they went to disney, they had to go back to the hotel when it was nap time...she ended up being very tired and didn't really enjoy the trip.

    i always thought that under 4 is too young, but i guess even younger kids would enjoy disney. i also find that disney is very catered for kids (even the very young ones). i was very very pleased with disney.

    having said that, if both my kids were the same age, i'd have probably waited until they're 4 instead of under 2.

    however, i think they'll still enjoy the disney rides....even at 23months;)
  12. We took our sons to Disneyworld when they were 6 & 4, and even then I thought they were too young. My 4 yr. old was so cranky because it was hot, crowded, and he still needed his naps and my 6 yr. old was tired of waiting on the long lines for the rides or he wasn't tall enough for some rides and would get upset. We went back last yr. when they were 10 & 8, and what a difference! They had so much energy and was able to go on all the rides that they wanted and we had so much fun, that we're planning to go back in 2009, when the Harry Potter Theme Park debuts in Universal Studios. I really think the older the children are (maybe not as old as mine), the more fun and stress-free time you and your family will have. :yes:
  13. We went when the kids were 5, 3 and 16 months. While we didn't get out of it what we might have had the kids been older, it was still fun. We went on the very tame rides, or one of us would take the older two on the intermediate rides. They really enjoyed Universal's Islands of Adventure as opposed to Disney, though, because there was a whole Dr. Seuss section with slower rides, and they got to see cartoon heroes.

    Disney was very nice in that they had strollers available for rental (even double ones) at every park so the kids didn't get as tired as they might have. They loved Animal Kingdom and the safari, the parade and fireworks at Magic Kingdom, the Small World ride.

    So I wouldn't say age 2 would be ideal, but it might still be fun. I'd plan on a return trip when they are older, though!
  14. Thanks everyone for your stories!

    It's interesting to see how divergent for the most part the reactions are. Still haven't made a decision either way, but it's good to know that we will survive (and maybe have a little fun) if we do decide to go!

    Ooo.. and before I forget. What lodging do you recommend? Midrange would be nice but I'd be willing to pay for convenience also since we are dealing with two toddlers who still nap. Thanks:flowers:
  15. My kids can barely survive a trip to the grocery store, let alone a day-long ordeal at Disney!! LOL. They are 3 and almost 5, and taking them anywhere is still torturous. I'm going to wait until the youngest is at least 5 before we reveal the magical kingdom to them. It's a special experience, and I want them to be able to truly understand the wonderfulness of it before I spring it on them. And with those outrageous ticket prices, they better LOOOVE every minute of it!!! LOL.