How old were you when...

  1. 33
  2. Just turned 25, baby coming in Sept
  3. Im 21 not but Ill be 22, my birthday is April 5th & our son Hunter is due May 18th.
  4. 26
  5. Wow some people were so young when they got a baby, must have been really hard!
  6. Nope, just had my second and I am 39 and 7 months. First one I was 36
  7. I'll be 27 when my baby arrives in January!!! :heart:
  8. 22 with my first.
  9. 30 with my first...34 with my second...and that's all! I am done!!!
  10. 22 & the hubby, 23. Our daughter was a planned pregnancy and I'm so thankful I got it over & done at a young age. The baby and toddler stage anyways. My daughter (who is now 16) has been a very active young lady and me & hubby don't miss a beat. She's done everything from dance, chorus, band (trumpet), basketball, softball, etc. We are her support system and for those who think your kid won't care if you're there or not think again? She has 2 more years of high school and we work full time jobs, get out of work, grab dinner, hit the door, run to fields in & out of town stay for hours and do it all again the next day. I still (at almost 40) have the energy to do all the running but I just can't imagine doing it all 10 to 15 years from now at this pace.
  11. 20, but 10 days short of my 21st birthday.

  12. Congratulations on your new baby! My mom was 38 when she had my twin brothers, and 39 when she became a grandma (my older sister had her first at 20 yrs old).
  13. Thank you :smile:

    It's awesome your mum is a gran at my age. I wish that hubby and I had met earlier on life so that now we could be 'retired' and babysitting the grand kids occasionally
  14. 34
  15. I'm 26 the bf and I (after we are married) plan on trying to have our first child the year I turn 30. Glad to see their are many first time mothers in their 30's :tup: