How old were you when..................

  1. a) you got your first 'designer' bag?
    b) you got your first Mulberry?

    for me I was 33yrs on both counts !!!! how about you? (this idea was shamelessly stolen from the BBag forum where the average age seems to be 25 yrs!!):nuts:
  2. a+b) I was 24
  3. think i may have been a late starter. All through my teens/ twenties i just had one evryday bag that i used for everything. Looking back i don't know how I did it!!!!
  4. a)22
  5. (a) 24
    (b) congo type bought in sale and never used
  6. I´ll "help" getting the age up a bit. a & b:35 y. :p
  7. A)29
  8. a) 30
    b) 32
  9. Not sure if it's counted as 'designer', but I bought a Lulu Guinness shoulderbag when I was 24. I have a collection of about 30 nice handbags that I wouldn't class as designer, but which are good makes (Furla, Francesco Biasia, Radley, Ri2K etc).

    I got my first Mulberry last month and I'm 32 (and....erm....I now have four bags, three belts, and a luggage label :shame:smile:. I'm hoping to change careers soon so I am making the most of enjoying my spare cash I have it!
  10. Can't even remember.... I bought my first truly interesting, signature handbag when I was in my 30's and worked in advertising in Manhattan. Don't recall the name -- but it was a burgundy leather doctor's bag with a shoulder strap. It was truly unique and different at the time. I was a chic Manhattan gal back then.... and didn't need "brand" names because I was a trendsetter. It cost $150 which was a FORTUNE!!! back then. But I would say my real handbag passion has bloomed recently...long story, too psychological...won't go into it! (Unless you want to hear it!!!) But sort of embarrassing. Hmmm...this is now REALLY interesting, isn't it??? LOL
  11. My first designer bag was a Mulberry!
    I was 24 and I remember it cost £175 which nearly made me pass out - the shock of spending so much on a bag! I soon got the hang of it tho....
  12. Oh, forgot to say my first Mulberry was a tooled natural leather Bayswater on sale from Saks, which I returned because it looked too big to me at the time, and the leather was too delicate. Then, I bought a Black Rosemary in Fall 2006, which I am selling now to fund my other Mulberry needs. This year I bought an Oak Bayswater and a Black Antony and I have become a real Mulberry gal. Mulberry just plain makes me feel goooood.
  13. I'm a late bloomer, had my first Mulberry at 35, before that I'd had a Pucci and a Hugo Boss a couple of years earlier. I'm catching up fast, lol.
  14. My first designer bag purchase was my pale blue Tod's hobo - I was 30. My first Mulberry was in 2006, when I was 33.
  15. My first designer one was my araline in black and I was 24 (almost 25).