how old were you when you own your very 1st LV? me 21st

  1. When I visit my relatives in Japan, 6 years ago, i was 15 and i brought my beloved mickey mouse wallet with me. I was so shocked when i saw my relatives 5 of them (mom, dad, 2 sons and 1 daughter) who are about the same age of my family members using LV in their teenage. I asked them, why do you use LV when it is not appropriate for this age? and i was stunned with the reply: " it is sooooo common to have LV, well at least a wallet or a key chain".

    Last year, when i visit JP again, this time, i was 21. and they guided me around the city and i was stucked in the LV in for 2 hours and i end up spending around AU$800. hihi.....
    i queued for about 1/2 hrs to get in to the store. I think it was a launching of new design.

    I just can;t be bothered with the price. I am so crazy about LV after my last visit to JP. Luxuries in JP are cheaper compare to here(australia). I would plan another trip to HongKong, as I heard from many ppl that Hongkong offer better price with the same products. haha... Anyone??? wanna go with me??
    I just wondering how old r u when u own your very 1st LV and how do u know about LV? I feels like i am so left behind compare to my relatives in JP. i am sooo curious... respond me pls... tha!!
  2. Welcome to the PF!!! I hope you enjoy your stay here. :welcome:

    I think I was 17 when I got my first LV... a Porte Cartes Simple. :heart:.
  3. 17. I bought a cherry blossom pochette with my graduation money lol.
  4. my 18th birthday, i got a cerise cles and brown and gold hair cubes in toronto
  5. 17 my first Speedy 25.
  6. I was ...............................................35. Two years ago. Before that I was into other bags. When I was a teenager and in my 20's I wasn't really into bags.
  7. For my 15th birthday, I got a Pegase and a Keepall 55. Those were my first Louis Vuitton pieces.
  8. My sister and I were given a hand-me-down speedy from a cousin when we were in high school (ages 18 & 16...mid 90's). We both used it back then without really realizing what it was. LOL! We knew it was LV and expensive, but really had no clue. We were the only ones at school with LV back then. I bought my first piece myself (pochette) when I was 24 or 25. I had the hanles and tabs replaced on that old speedy, and gave it to my mom last year. The addiction has only gotten worse!
  9. At age 25... a damier ribera mini and a mono speedy HL.
  10. I was 24 years old. The DH bought himself a monogram billfold, and it made me go, "I want something LV too!" I bought myself something small, a mini monogram cles. The LV love just kept growing and growing. It's funny how the DH was my first "enabler", and now he's complaining about all the LV I've bought recently!
  11. I was about 14 when I first discovered Louis Vuitton. My best friend's older sister was 18 and had just started working at a bank. She lived in Encinitas, but a lot of her friends lived in La Jolla.(the Beverly Hills of San Diego, CA) So her friends all carried high-end bags.(mostly LV) She saved her paychecks for so long to buy her 1st "Louie." It was a Mono Speedy 25, and it was gorgeous! We thought she was so cool! I knew then, that one day I'd own an LV...just didn't know it would take me so long! I bought my first LV this, thirtysomething.:shame: I've been into premium bags for a while, just not logos. Which is probably why I bought my damier Speedy 1st.
  12. i was 26 year 2000. i guess you can say i greeted the new century with a new addiction, lol. i got the mono petite bucket.
  13. eleven :heart:
    mc mini hl. i was close to being 12 though...
  14. 21...I got papilon (damier) in Paris
  15. 21 and I got mono Papillon and wallet