How old were you when you got your first LV?

  1. Technically 37 but I got it a few days early for my 38th birthday in 2010. I'm a late LV bloomer but better late than never!
  2. 20. Got the mono Speedy 30 as my first.
  3. I think I was about 24. I got the Palermo PM in Monogram
  4. Gosh what a good question i cant remember but i know it was either the mini looping or thompson st in vernis baby blue in 2001 as i bought both i was 28. From Oxford St Selfridges.
  5. 52
    I was a old bag when I got my first! LOL
  6. Lol!! A fabulous old bag...
  7. i was 21!!
  8. I was 31, when I got my 1st LV Samur 30 ^^
  9. 14 at christmas i got the damier multiple wallet in the graphite colorway, and i still have it 3 years later!
  10. 26 and it was a vintage speedy mono 25 :smile:
  11. Thank you so much!
  12. I was 21 so 8 years ago. Got the Papillon 30 with my signing bonus from my first job out of college.
  13. 33.
  14. 21 - petit bucket
    still carry her regularly
  15. 21 :smile: this DE speedy 30! I saved and saved and treated myself to a holiday in Paris and my baby for my birthday. Work hard, play hard!