How old were you when you got your first Hermes?

  1. A gift from your parents? They think like I do. My GD got her first twilly at 10 and is dying for the mini clic bracelet. Her parents frowned and said no. I got her a Tiffany bracelet instead and promised when she is 16.
  2. How did you get my picture?????? lol
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  3. My first and only Hermes is a birkin and I am 30 yrs old. I was planning to have a birkin by this age but I have found it a couple of months after my birthday. I am getting a Kelly for my 31st birthday.
  4. Purchased a kelly 40 when I was 30 kept it 2 months & bought a birkin. 2 years later I'm now a hermes addict :nuts:
  5. When I was 29 I decided I wanted to treat myself to my first B35 for my 30th bday. I promptly put myself on a list and got the call literally two weeks before my 30th birthday! I've bought and sold a couple of H bags throughout the years but that first Birkin is still my favorite... though I rarely use it since I now have two small kids and need both hands constantly free :P
  6. I'm 32. I made my first Hermes purchase - a white/gold Clic H bracelet - in February 2017. It has been SO hard not to make another Hermes purchase, but I am going to Italy in July and am trying to hold out until then. I do not have a relationship with a SA yet so I have no shot at getting a bag. I REALLY want a Constance or Jige Clutch. I am also getting my DH a new tie and pocket square for a wedding we are attending on Nantucket over Labor Day. I'm new the Hermes party, but I have already developed a deep appreciation for the brand.
  7. Actually . . . I just checked the receipt, and I bought it on March 18, 2017. Yikes! I've been "holding out" for less than two months, and I am already struggling not to go to my local store . . .
  8. I only have one Hermes item and it is the red Picotin I received for my 40th birthday :smile:
    The perfect present to me!
    Of course I would appreciate other things like a cashmere shawl or an other picotin in black maybe.. Oh and a swimsuit!
    What they do is sooo beautiful..
    Patiently waiting for the next Bdays ;)
  9. On the plus side if you keep going to the same SA at your local store you can develop that relationship. It takes time so even if you go to Italy and buy a bag there you still have ample time in your home town before you probably get offered a bag anyway. Also Jiges become available to the public easily too. Or when you go there and buy something just say if its possible to be notified when a Jige becomes available you can mention the colours you like as you are eager to add it to your collection. Jige is a good stepping stone to getting offered a B K C in the nearer future. Its good to say on each visit what a wishlist item is so the SA will remember you and what you desire so you can be kept in mind
  10. I don´t know how young... if "get your H" includes any option (inheritance, gift, purchase), then I found a shawl with ships all over it (and a couple moth holes) in a suitcase full of my great-grandmother´s clothes and knickknacks meant for me after she passed away, I must have been seven or eight years old, and played with that shawl to dress up, but it disintegrated some time later. I had no idea it was H, but many years later I found that same print, different colours, in a vintage street market, and found out mine had been H, too. Now I´m sorry I knew no better, or I´d have framed it :sad:

    If "get" means purchased for myself, my firstie was at age 40+, a gold and blue jean Dogon and a coin purse. Bag-wise, I got my UHG and only wish, a Trim II 31 in Rouge H, just two months ago... So it´s never too late, and that´s what I love about H, too, it really finds you when you are ready, and not a moment sooner!
  11. No bags yet, but I recently bought a Bastia at the age of 21! Even though I wasn't spending a (relatively) huge amount, the people in the Chicago store made it such a wonderful experience!
  12. Birkin 35 Bleu Orage Togo age 35, it marked two great achievements - I finally paid off my student loan debt and landed a job as an attorney (I went to law school late in life). I sold her this year, and used the proceeds to buy a Birkin 30 in Plomb Togo, which both color and size are better suited to my lifestyle...although the importance of what it signifies still survives. This Birkin was a beauty... 2015-02-15 11.15.38.jpg
  13. First purchase ever - a clic clan and perfume at 21.
    First bag - Evelyne at 23, purchased with my own funds
  14. First Birkin at 26
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  15. me too! I had other Hermes items like earrings, a clic clac and I also had a Herbag before I got my Birkin. But I consider my first Birkin 30 as my first BIG purchase and I was 26 at the time.
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