How old were you when you got your first Hermes?

  1. A gift from your parents? They think like I do. My GD got her first twilly at 10 and is dying for the mini clic bracelet. Her parents frowned and said no. I got her a Tiffany bracelet instead and promised when she is 16.
  2. How did you get my picture?????? lol
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  3. My first and only Hermes is a birkin and I am 30 yrs old. I was planning to have a birkin by this age but I have found it a couple of months after my birthday. I am getting a Kelly for my 31st birthday.
  4. Purchased a kelly 40 when I was 30 kept it 2 months & bought a birkin. 2 years later I'm now a hermes addict :nuts:
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  5. When I was 29 I decided I wanted to treat myself to my first B35 for my 30th bday. I promptly put myself on a list and got the call literally two weeks before my 30th birthday! I've bought and sold a couple of H bags throughout the years but that first Birkin is still my favorite... though I rarely use it since I now have two small kids and need both hands constantly free :p
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