How old were you when you got your first Hermes?

  1. 22
  2. True to size definitely. Im 36 rockstud flats 36 gucci slides and flats (not princetown mules) and took 36 oran. Im avg width foot needed to break the oran in took only one day to stretch them out to mould my foot. If you are sure your wide foot maybe consider half size up from your size because i can imagine in tts with the width it may be uncomfortable to break in. And .5 isnt obvious in flat sandals that are snug as your feet wont slide forward like in heels or wide slides
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  3. Thanks dear :smile:. Planning to visit my store next week and get few things and will try few on. Will def update you.
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  4. First item was a saddle at age 15. 25 years later my first 90cm carré. The past few years more carrés and fine jewelry. First B at age 57, and soon to purchase my first K (age 58 - yes I'm an old-timer in comparison to many of you! ) :biggrin: Regardless, I'm thrilled to have what I have, :hbeat:and yes, I still have my saddle, even though we no longer have a horse! :lol:
  5. DH bought me an enamel bracelet at age 25, then a scarf at age 35 (in between paid for grad school, a house, family, etc.) trying to slow down now and appreciate the beauty of things without having to own them! ;) I love what I've been given and have collected. I love the quality of this brand and the colors.
  6. I got my first hermes (a scarf) at age 63.
  7. I got my first hermes item when I was 26 years old. It was a gorgeous all leather Garden party 36 in Gold color
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  8. 21, my first bag is a Kelly 28. 22 now and thinking of getting a Birkin but it might not be age appropriate? :hrmm: I use my kellys with canvas straps more often so its quite casual. But Im not sure about Birkin, really want to get one in 25 and 30 tho
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  9. 25 for my first Hermes and 28 for my first Birkin. Honestly, I didn't love the Birkin nearly as much as my Kelly's and I sold it at 30!!! I think that I should have bought something bigger than a 30.
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  10. By the time I got my first H, I looked like this.


    "When 900 years old you reach, look this good you will not."
  11. i got my first Hermes at 42 which was a scarf from my boss as xmas gift, then got my first Hermes handbag bolide last month as my birthday gift for age 46:heart:
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  12. I fot My first Hermes item when i was 30, it was a B40 black Togo. GHW.
  13. LOOOOOOOOL!! :lol::lol::lol:
  14. When i was 16 and its a lindy
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  15. I got my first Hermes for my 50th birthday, it was the Evelyne in Poppy Orange. I've since gone on to purchase belts, scarves, twillys, a mors scarf ring, and, most recently a Kelly 32 in bordeaux with GHW.
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