How old were you when you got your first Hermes?

  1. First bracelet at 28 and soon realized that the bracelets aren't really my style. I prefer a clean look with my engagement ring and maybe one other classic piece, like my diamond stud earrings.

    First bag at 28 with a Roulis. First Constance followed soon after.

    First Birkin at 29. Happy to have started my H collection!!!
  2. 30
  3. 36. Started small with an Ulysse mm in rubis, Rivale double bracelet in noir with ghw, and a Calvi in mustard.

    Two weeks later I went back and got the Constance belt in brushed gold buckle and black/gold belt, lindy 26 in etain with ghw, and two matching twillies.
  4. My mom got me a gorgeous pink 90 x 90 silk scarf at my late teens, its a limited edition while H was doing a joint fund raise with local philanthropy organization, but i was too young to pull it off, so it sat in drawer for 10+ years

    Then I got myself a herbag 31 last year at age 31, then slg then jige and roulis 18... wish I could've started earlier and saved money from all those Celine, BV, Balenciaga, Chloe bags, and while B/K is not that hard to get! Really hope to get my first B/K this year
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  5. I'm so with you... so much money wasted on other bags and brands... hindsight is always 20/20.
  6. I was 22 and it was a birkin. A gift from my mother. I can't remember if I bought any other H items before that. Probably a non-leather bag similar to the garden party but with a flap, I still have it but rarely ever use it. Just can't remember if I got it before receiving the birkin or after. It was a long time ago...
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  7. 46. Built up the courage to enter an Hermes boutique. Bought myself an Etoupe Evelyne. Now I'm trying to make up for lost time.
  8. I got my first Hermes item- a Bolide bag in May 2016. I was 39. Then it was a slippery road from there. I got scarfs, bracelets, shoes, small leather accessories, and 2 other H bags between June to October and received my first birkin in October for my birthday.
  9. 17. I still have it now!
    I had a Rouge Vif GHW Retourne Epsom K32 that was stamp the same year as my birth year, even more so meaningful!
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    I just turned 57, Blue Jean Birkin 35 Chèvre de Coromandel. A gift from my late father.......used part of his legacy. Birkins and Kellys have been on my radar since I was 20.
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  12. First H item was Oct 2015, a belt kit for my 31st birthday. A year later, Oct 2016 I had to reject the first birkin offered to me (35 Clemence Rouge tomate) as it was too big but that day I purchased my first twilly (dans un jardin anglais). Two months later, Dec 2016, I got my first birkin B30 Capucine. Planning on expanding my collection with CDC, shoes and scarves this year. To be continued... :blush::blush:
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  13. Just discovered this thread browsing the unread my first Hermes was a pair of twillys at age 27 and soon after a vintage Kelly 32 - since sold (Some small items bought or gifted inbetween) At age 28 i got my first Birkin 30 noir togo as a push present/"left my job to be a full-time Mum and at home business owner" it was milestone present that i will love forever. Adding a new Kelly soon
  14. I understand that i only just recently built up the courage to enter a boutique myself. So far it seems to be going ok!
    Have you tried the oran sandals? I just got a black pair and love them. Broke them in with only one day of wearing around the house. Some of the scarves from ss17 are really nice too !
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  15. I'm eyeing the oran and the Legend sandals indeed! Loved the quicker sneakers but I already have too many sneakers. How is the Hermes shoe fit? I'm size 39-39,5 european with rather wide feet. Saw a Malachite Oran on the site but don't know if the size is TTS.
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