How old were you when you got your first Hermes?

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  1. I claim no originality with this thread. There's one up on the Chanel forum and I thought it was really interesting. How old were you when you got your first Hermes bag? How old were you when you got your first Kelly or Birkin? I'm 20 and am nowhere near buying a Hermes, but my mom is contemplating getting her first Birkin in the near future (she's 49), perhaps in June when we go to Paris. If I get into Yale law, I *may* beg for a Kelly, as I think that would suit me better, but even then, I don't know if I should get one. Anyway, rambling. How old were you?
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  2. I was 28 when I got my first Hermes bag and 29 when I got my first Birkin (3 months ago). I'm a late bloomer to Hermes, I think :flowers:
  3. i got my 1st birkin at 24;) I am 25 now..LOL;)
  4. I got my first Hermes scarf at 30 (at the mothership - now that was a great experience:yahoo: ) and then did not think much about Hermes for another 10 years. Got my first Kelly at 40 when I rediscovered Hermes!
  5. nerdphanie, we've had this thread in the hermes subforum before, but it's always nice to pour some salt on my wounds by hearing about you "late bloomers.":rolleyes:
    30 for my first hermes purse. 33 for my first hermes scarf. still at that original tally.
  6. 23 for my first bag, but a birkin or kelly is still a long way away.
  7. Im 37 and do not own any Hermes~!:nuts:
  8. I was 31 when I got my one and only Hermes bag, the Massai. No Birkins or Kellys, yet :sneaky:
  9. iwas 24 when i bought my first trim( used)
    then with 27 i bought my first birkin from my first own-savings....
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  10. I was just a few months shy of my 33rd birthday when I got my first Birkin.
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  11. "Late Bloomers" I am 37 and just got my first a few months Evelyne. My parents had bought me a scarf in Paris a few years ago. I am now, thanks to PF and surfing around from the Chanel and Balenciaga threads (my past passions) to Hermes, completely addicted to Hermes. I am dreaming of my first Birkin. I am selling off more bags that I will never use again to fund it. My husband is understanding but only to a certain degree. He did buy me a beautiful enamel H bracelet for Hanukkah but I need to exchange it for the GM size. He does not see the need to ever spend the money on one bag that it will cost to buy a birkin. I disagree!!!!:hysteric:
  12. ^^^ Ditto here. Actually, I bought my first Kelly about two months before my 37th - so really, 36!!
  13. My first Hermes item was a scarf which I received in my late 20s.
  14. 28 when I purchased my first Kelly and Birkin
  15. Scarf at 32 and Birkin at 33