How old were you when you got your first Birkin?

  1. Now, I was thinking this the other day. I am 19 and don't have any Hermes yet, not do I have funds for something I really want (a Birkin in indigo).
    I have a friend who's 22 and she got her first black Birkin at 18, than a blue Jena one, she's now waiting for a fuchsia one.
    I asked her wether she thinks 18 is a bit too young to own the queen of handbags, like you have nothing left to aspire to. She just shrugged and said, she's planning to enhance her collection over the years and every new purchase is a great joy. SHe doesn't mind stepping down to "cheaper" brands like Chanel.
    How old were you when you got your first Birkin? Did you just feel overjoyed or a bit nostalgic for the time you were just dreaming of one?
    Is there a style of Hermes that is not appropriate for all ages (I always thought Kelly was a bit of an "older bag", as well as Bolide while Picotine was "young")
  2. I got Kellys before Birkins, and I was 32 when I got my first Birkin. I think "teenage" is too young for either a Birkin OR a Kelly, but that's just my opinion. I think it can look a bit silly.
  3. 30! Had my name on the waiting list at 29.
  4. I was 28 which is 8 years ago when I saw a birkin for the first time on my friend's blue jean. I fell in love with it right away, she told me to go to H boutique and I got my first birkin the next day in natural color. :smile:

    I have an aunt who is already 65 years old, she fell in love with a kelly when she was 17 in 1940s and her mother didn't buy it for her until she was 25 in 1950s. She is a lovely lady with fantastic taste until today. :heart:

    I have seen a lot of young lady at their teenager carrying birkins, I believe that even they have birkins & kellys, they always want more of any other stepping down to "cheaper" brands. Just like myself, I don't mind. I also love Balenciaga :heart: :p
  5. 25, just a month shy of my 26th birthday! I got my first Birkin last week while on vacation at the Aix-en-Provence boutique in France...I think it's a nice way to close out the quarter century mark of my life :yes:
  6. I was 29..well, actually just 3 days short of my 30th birthday but that still counts as 29, right????

    It takes a pretty well put together teenager to pull off a Kelly properly, IMO.
  7. I turned 40 in January, got my first Birkin in March and my first Miss Kelly two weeks ago. I expect another Birkin in a month or so, and hope for another around my January birthday! :graucho: I always know which Hermes bag I need next! It's a horrible addiction. No more of the other brands. I'm "ruined"! :lol: And I don't think I can get them fast enough at this point.
  8. Old!!!!! Lmao!
  9. At the rate I'm going.....really old!!
  10. ^^ ooooh, I need me a money tree!
  11. Me saving for my Birkin...

  12. I was "of a certain age". I had never heard of Hermes when I was a teen growing up in the sticks!
  13. At the pace I'm going, probably not until I'm 40 (I'm 24 right now).
  14. I am almost forty and looking to purchase an Hermes handbag soon. I will be my first Hermes handbag, and I have been familiar with the name for ten years. I have recently, three years, been contemplating the idea of purchasing one. But after exploring and sporting other luxury brands, I am exhausted with them. I was looking to move on to something new and adventurous. I could have easily purchased Hermes in my twenties with all the money that I used for LVs, but it was a stage of interest like everything else. I feel that if you have the money to purchase Hermes at any age, go for it. You will look fabulous and don't fret over jealous eyes.
  15. Not a Birkin, but I'm hoping to buy my first Kelly next year when I will be 24.