How old were you when you got your first Birkin/Kelly?

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  1. hmm well I don't know how to make a poll, but just out of curiosity,
    How old were you when you got your first Birkin/Kelly and how old are you?

    How do you feel about younger people who carry them?

    Post your photos if you wish :biggrin:
  2. I'm got my first Birkin about a month ago I'm 18 :biggrin:
    sorry the picture sucks
  3. ^^ it would be more economical for the underlying database in tPF to reuse an existing thread (as long as it's not big as the Authenticate ones), so doing a search and bumping an old thread is better than starting a new one. :yes:
  4. owe everytime i start a new one this happens anyway to delete the others?
    haha :smile:
  5. Nope. Perhaps you will search first???
  6. i think we should keep it since this is specifically birkin/kelly =) Anyways..21:yahoo:
  7. nice :biggrin: black and gh is my next purchase
  8. Well, let's see....I am 42 now so maybe 43??? LOL! I can dream!
  9. I don't really appreciate this kind of thread asking people how young can a person carry a birkin, etc. As innocent as it sounds, I know deep down they are fishing compliments (i.e. wow, you are only 18 but you already have a Birkin!). Mod - maybe we could delete all threads relating to this.
  10. Oh and by the way - that gold birkin pictured above - rather strange that it does not have white stitching. Did you special order it or......? :smile:

  11. Hmm. Looks like white stitching to me?
  12. Hmm, I guess you haven't read the "How old are you LV lovers?" I just thought it'd be FUN to know.

    and compliments? REALLY? so why do people post their COLLECTION on here anyway?

    FYI: Stitching is white :nuts:

  13. :biggrin: soon!! and it'll be your favourite bag :yahoo: